WP-Lens – Security and Analysis

WP-Lens – Security and Analysis


WP-Lens Plugin Specs:


  • Check for account named admin.
  • Determines if the default table prefix is being used.
  • MySQL DB password strength.
  • MySQL DB username strength.
  • Looks to see if admin users authenticate over SSL.
  • Checks to see if the template editor is enabled.
  • Checks if plugins can be added/edited/removed through the admin.
  • Checks if WordPress is up to date.
  • Checks if you are a plugin hoarder.
  • Blogspam analysis.
  • Database Query analysis
  • Image analysis checks
  • File permissions on certain directory’s
  • Other useful WordPress and Security Hardening information.

WordPress Debugger:

  • General WordPress environment info.
  • Path to PHP.ini.
  • WP Memory Limit.
  • WP Max Memory Limit.
  • Current Memory Usage.
  • PHP Version.
  • PHP POST Max Size.
  • Number of WP DB Queries being made on the current page.
  • Theme name, description, version, directory and clickable css path.
  • Available custom page templates.
  • Available themes.
  • Available plugins.
  • Current page information: title, id, edit link, author, post type, post template and more.
  • All custom fields and meta data.
  • Plugins on the current page.
  • PHP Files being included, categorized by core, template or plugin with file permissions.
  • CSS Files being included, categorized by core, template or plugin.
  • CSS Files being included, categorized by core, template or plugin.
  • Images on page.
  • Alt Tag analysis.
  • Broken Images.
  • Complete Security analysis.
  • Lots of tips and help documentation

WP-Lens is the ultimate plugin for WordPress security analysis and discovery about your theme and installation. WP-Lens combines a variety of checks and mechanisms to give you a clear picture of your current state of security and installation. It also allows you to have access to what is going on behind the scenes of every page. It also requires zero configuration outside of installing the plugin.


With WP-Lens you have insight to general environment info, theme information, custom fields, sidebars being used, plugins being called in, debug information, valid markup and tons more.

WP-Lens is a perfect add-on for anyone who uses WordPress. There is absolutely ZERO configuration necessary to get up and running. You just need to install the plugin, activate it and be an admin logged in to WordPress.

This tool is great especially if you are inheriting code from another user. You quickly can tell what WordPress template is being used, what sidebar is being called in and what custom fields you have access to.

On top of that, is one of its greatest features. A site analysis report card. This analysis will go through hundreds of checks to determine your grade. You either will pass, fail or get a warning. If you fail or get a warning, it will tell you want to do to bring up your score.

On the analysis page, you will see 3 Google Visualization Gauge charts which are dynamic and read out your overall status along with security and analysis test results.



The goal is to be as secure and performant as possible. Acting upon this report card will increase your security and performance.

WP-Lens also comes with dozens of tips and resources to keep your precious site safe and secure.

This tool was mainly created because of one problem. Inheriting someone else’s code and not knowing what is being loaded in and where. Just by installing the plugin, I know exactly where to go in my code.

Hope you enjoy, this is just the beginning and further updates will follow.

What is your score?


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