WP Ajax Grid – Pinterest Style Plugin

WP Ajax Grid – Pinterest Style Plugin


WP Ajax Grid – Pinterest Style Plugin 2.0 Updated Dic, 13th, 2013
Create dynamic and elegant ajax-based responsive grids wpajaxgrid.com

“WP Ajax Grid” is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to create dynamic grids of wordpress posts loaded with AJAX technology using a simple shortcode controlled by several parameters.

Create the coolest portfolios or “Pinterest like” websites with this plugin!

Demo: http://wpajaxgrid.com

Need help to achive your set up or have questions? I’ll be happy to help! ;)
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  • NEW: Image resize handled with WP Image Editor native API.
  • NEW: Choose Javascript or CSS3 animations.
  • JavaScript based responsive grids
  • Mobile-ready: Different number of columns for mobile devices
  • Grid automaticaly fits the space offered by the theme layout
  • Modal/lightbox mode for images
  • Select number of columns
  • Automatic or fixed columns width
  • Drag and Drop grid item layout builder
  • Static or FX grid layouyt
  • Cool hover effects for grid items
  • Select categories of posts and order parameters
  • Multiple instances (grids) per page
  • Custom shortcode default values
  • Grid items separation and load effects
  • Built-in styles
  • jQuery based

… and more!


You can easily create grids in your posts, pages and widgets using the shortcode:

You can also create grids direcly in any php file in your wordpress theme using a small piece of code:
<?php echo do_shortcode('[ajaxgrid]'); ?>

The shortcode parameters gives you full control of the grid’s style and behavior. Some of most important the parameters:

  • gridstyle
  • layout
  • postfx
  • cols
  • autowidth
  • orderby
  • loadfx

… and more!


Check out the live demos and imagine all the grids you can create!



WP Ajax Grid 2.0 – Dic, 13th, 2013

  • NEW: Image resize now handled by WP Image Editor API.
  • NEW: Now you can use CSS3 animations instead of Javascript.

WP Ajax Grid 1.4 – Mar, 18th, 2013

  • IE8 Javascript issue fixed.
  • Bug fixes: Draft posts showing in the grids.

WP Ajax Grid 1.3 – Feb, 5th, 2013

  • Responsive feature added to the grids based on Javascript.
  • Modal/lightbox mode for images.
  • Added imgautoheight and imgheight parameters to specify automatic or fixed height for the images.
  • Improved options panel UI.
  • Bug fixes: Draft posts showing in the grids.

WP Ajax Grid 1.2 – Sep, 15th, 2012

  • Mobile-ready grids by adding 2 more parameters.
  • Added mobile_cols parameter to specify the number of columns to use in mobile devices.
  • Added mobile_width parameter to set the minumum width a browser should have to be interpreted as mobile.

WP Ajax Grid 1.1 – Sep, 1st, 2012

  • Script tags moved from post to wp_footer.
  • Custom Taxonomy support.
  • Post Type support.
  • Added new shortcode date parameters: year, month, day.
  • Added new post layout elements: “Content” & “Date”.
  • Updated documentation.


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