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Testimonial System is a WordPress plugin built using WordPress Fuel. It allows you to maintain list of testimonials you receive from your clients and friends. You can also import recommendations via LinkedIn. There is a ‘Ask for recommendation’ tool which sends an email to your clients, colleagues and/or friends to fill in the testimonial. You have full control to approve or delete the submission.

Ability to manage unlimited testimonials, and accept testimonials via WordPress – Powered by WordPress Fuel Framework


  • Unlimited testimonials manageable via WordPress admin
  • Import via LinkedIn
  • Ask for recommendation form
  • Approval system
  • Email notification on form submission
  • MVC Codebase
  • Shortcodes to display testimonials

There are three ways to capture testimonials:

  1. ordPerss Admin Panel
  2. Form request (You will shoot fill in request and once client
    fills in you have to activate)

WordPress Short Codes

Paste the following short-code into page/post editor:

All testimonials

[social_testimonial type=’recent’]
display the list of recent testimonials

[social_testimonial type=’random’]
display the list of testimonials in random order

[social_testimonial type=’recent’ limit=10]
Display 10 recently added testimonails

[social_testimonial type=’random’ limit=10]
Display 10 random testimonails

[social_testimonial id=1]
Display a particular testimonial. Set ID as per testimonial record

[social_testimonial type=’random’ limit=1]
Display one random testimonial

Random Testimonial Page – New

Standalone page within WordPress to allow users to view testimonial. It displays random testimonial on each page refresh.


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