WordPress Background Scroll Plugin

WordPress Background Scroll Plugin


Wordpress Background Scroll Plugin - 1


  • Set any html container or element background to scroll when the page scrolls.
  • Perfect for creating a unique Parallax effect.
  • Fully customizable parameters. Set distance, speed, easing of each scroll.
  • Super easy insertion. Simply add a class and background. Use the default parameters or set your own by simply using a couple data parameters inline.
  • No Shortcodes! No Plugin options to set. Use anywhere on your site! If it has a background simply add a class!
  • No limit to how many elements you can add scrolling to and each element has independent parameters – different speeds, distances and easing.
  • Merges the old jQuery Parallax plugin by Ian Lunn – http://www.ianlunn.co.uk/plugins/jquery-parallax/ with the Background Position Animation Plugin by Keith Wood – http://keith-wood.name/backgroundPos.html
  • Don’t just scroll your backgrounds animate them!
  • Note* – IOS Safari and other mobile browser do not handle the background-position move correctly. The newest version of the plugin disables the script on mobile devices.
    This plugin does not work in the Chrome browser at this moment.

Some Creative Examples Of Using WordPress Background Scroll By Users

  • By Andrew Hemphill – http://nosh.co.nz/photographs/


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