WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin


Industrial strength 1-2-1 live chat software configured into a WP Plugin. It allows you to add 1-2-1 live chat on your WordPress powered site. And it’s extremely simple to set up.

Due to its versatility it can be used to sell your services, Help People, on your squeeze pages or even your sales pages. Think about that for a minute, the customer may be one step from buying your product; they just need to ask you a question. You answer it and “Bang” you make the sale. Very powerful!

Remember it takes you time and money to get eyeballs in front of your product / service so you want to have the rate of non closures / sales reduced, this 1-2-1 live chat will help to push your closure / sale rates throw the roof.

Great Features:

Quick install as you would expect from a wordpress plugin

A One Time fee no costly monthly payments to make

You can set the chat to Online or Offline—If you’re Offline, then visitors can send a message to you… If you’re Online, then they can chat live with you
You’ll hear a beep on your computer when someone starts chatting with you
You can change the color of the 1-2-1 Live Chat skin to anything—very customizable
You can change the name of the 1-2-1 Live Chat
You can chat live with anyone who’s thinking of buying your product so you’ll explode your conversion rate
You can even engage with blog readers to build a relationship if you want
Visitors can leave their contact details if all operators are offline


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