WooCommerce Extension for Frontend Page Builder

WooCommerce Extension for Frontend Page Builder


WooCommerce Extension for Frontend Page Builder

This is an extension to the Frontend Page Builder plugin. It allows you to insert WooCommerce elements directly from the frontend part. The functionality is exactly the same as in Frontend Page Builder with 4 additional shortcodes.

Quick Look

We have included the “quick look” option. It will automatically read your product data and display it in a pop-up window with all images and all content that you have in the product description

Grid Shortcode

Insert a grid shortcode an select your category and it will automatically arrange your products within a beautiful grid. You can change the number of items, and a lot of other stuff.

Slider Shortcode

Insert a functional nice looking slider for your products with tons of options for setting up. Combined with Frontend Page Builder it can look really cool. Check out the demo>

Products Shortcode

Insert a standard product grid and select the number of items and rows, change the item ordering and colors. The design and layout of these products is taken directly from the template that you are using. If the theme that you are using does not have these elements designed then the layout is taken from default WooCommerce design.

Categories Shortcode

Add a product category to your layout. Same as in the products, the design is taken from the template itself.

Note: The plugin does not control the Product Item, Shopping Cart and other WooCommerce pages, those pages are controled and styled by the template that you have installed

All images used in the preview are only for demo purposes and not included with the theme package. All the images are copyrighted and licensed to their respective authors and owners.

Version 1.11 – 12/August/2014
- fixed quickview when not logged in
- fixed quickview JS error
Version 1.10 – 08/August/2014
-NOTE: Due to some major changes in the plugin core, you may need to re-save the shortcodes after this update. just pick-up and drop them and save the page. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.
- adjusted style of the product slider shortcode
- adjusted style of the quickview menu
- included nav arrows for the product slider shortcode
- recreated the way quickview works to address several problems
- added out of stock for quickview items
- fixed several problems with buttons on product slider shortcode
- fixed plugin on IE
Version 1.05 – 30/July/2014
- fixed a few translation issues
- fixed product grid not displaying properly on some resolutions
- fixed product list not displaying properly in some cases
- fixed touch/drag on product slider shortcode
- clicks on slider now occur only on left mouse click
- reworked add to cart button in quickview to address several issues
- revorked add to cart button on product slider
- added view cart button on quickview when a product is added to cart
Version 1.01 – 21/Jun/2014
- fixed an issue with multi-sites that brakes the site on activation


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