WooBag – Customize Your Cart Easily

WooBag – Customize Your Cart Easily


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Some Amazing Cart Desgins Created Using WooBag

Woobag - Show Cart Popup in Multiple Ways

WooBag - Scrolling for the Cart Items

WooBag - Optimize Conversion Rate

WooBag - Customize Almost Everything

WooBag - More Amazing Features

About WooBag

WooBag is a must have WordPress WooCommerce Addon Plugin that gives you full control over design and behaviour of your cart icons and cart popup.

  • Are you unhappy with your cart design and behaviour? Use WooBag to change the looks yourself!
  • Are you worried about your cart’s lack of user-friendliness? Use WooBag to add user friendliness.
  • Are you loosing potential sales just because your cart is not optimized for conversions? Use WooBag to optimize your conversions!

Main Features of WooBag:

  • Full control to customize your cart’s background, borders, colour, font, size etc.
  • Template system to create unlimited cart designs of your shop.
  • Amazing previewing option before making it live on your shop.
  • Various Call to Action options to improve your sales.
  • Set the scroll option e.g. mouse wheel scroll or button scroll
  • Set cart items scroll speed, and other behaviours.
  • Set the number of items to list above the fold in the cart popup.
  • Improve conversion by setting custom alert on cart item removal.
  • Many options to Customize Empty cart to improve conversions.
  • Create scarcity using countdown timer for the items in cart.
  • Reserve products feature to create scarcity.
  • Easily select the image and text proportion of your cart items.
  • Full control on Product Custom Attributes to show for cart items. 
  • Set and Customize Button and link it with the URL of your choice.
  • Cart Widgets and Shortcodes to easily display your cart.
  • Option to insert your cart in any menu/navigation of your shop.
  • Easily Set Action on how to open the Popup (click or hover).
  • Easily Set screen positioning (Centre, Right, Left etc) of the Popup.
  • Easily Customize popup Borders colour, width, and rounding of corners.
  • Keep cart width responsive (multiscreen supported) or set custom fixed width.
  • Easily choose the pages you want to show the cart on
  • Easily Set Action on how to close the Popup (close button or mouseout).
  • Select and Customize (Colour and Size) the Loader Icon of your choice.
  • Easily Set Opacity of the cart
  • Separate Styling of Menu Cart Icon to Customize and Position it.
  • Choose Icon from the built in options or upload any icon of your choice.
  • Style cart icon with your own choice of colour and size.
  • Set different styling of cart icon and popup when cart is empty.
  • Various options of showing/customizing Cart icon with quantity and price.
  • Customize Item Separator/Border
  • Set custom height of an item in the cart.
  • Enable and customize the text of your choice at the bottom/footer of the popup.
  • Choose to enable the Cart in Small Screens
  • And a lot more! Check out WooBag in action by clicking the Live Preview Button.

Images used here are just for the demo purpose and not included in the main files.


WooBag documentation is very detailed and chances are most of the time you will find your answer from there. Click here to check the documentation.

We are also there to help you out. You can Contact us via our profile page or email support AT gatelogix DOT com


Please note that the images used in the demo are not included in your main download, however you can buy them from Envato marketplace:

  • Fashion Images
    • fashion
    • Gold Makeup. Fashion Girl Portrait
    • Blond Hair.Beautiful Woman with Healthy Straight Long Hair
    • Shopping
  • Kids Images
    • Cartoon Kids With a Frame With Copy Space
    • Cartoon Schoolchildren at the Blackboard
    • Horizontal Cartoon Flower Border
    • Kids Hanging Upside Down
    • Background with Sky and Children
  • Fitness Images
    • Fitness
  • Pets Images
    • Pets Grooming Salon Banner
    • A Toucan holding an empty framed board
  • Creative Images
    • Boy in Front of an Empty Paper with a Clip
    • Lady in front of Pink Signage:
    • Sales period
    • Vector Christmas Background
    • Christmas Background
    • Christmas Background
  • Block Cart Icon Background Image
    • Set of Retro Graphic Forged Signboards
  • Some Product Images used for Demo
    • Young Business Lady In Black Dress Isolated
    • Beautiful blonde young lady posing in dress
    • Fashion shoot with male model
    • brunette girl in fashion shoot
    • sexy model in fashion shoot
    • Blond women wearing casual grey sweater and blue jeans
    • Fashion
    • Sexy blond lady in blue dress

Change Log

= 1.1 - 08.06.16 =
* New Feature: Option to hide cart icon for mobile devices.
* New Feature: Now uses the woocomeerce’s currency symbol position setting
* Front End Bootstrap issues fixed.
* Echo/Return shortcode issue fixed.
* Backend Popup display issue fixed.


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