vCast Button for WordPress

vCast Button for WordPress


jQuery Version Available

Version 1.1 Update is out – 10/5/2014

  1. New feature Auto Playlist to automatically cast detected videos. When the current video finishes, the next video that was detected in the playlist starts playing. Currently not supported on Chrome for mobile devices
  2. Minor UX bug fix – auto center whenever page orientation changes from landscape to portrait, or vice versa
  3. Bug fix – duplicate video URLs being added to playlist when detected by user configuration and website content

Versatile Chromecast button that lets you send video from your WordPress powered website to your Chromecast. Configure once and done! Works with many existing players. Scans your WordPress website for video at the specified HTML tag(s). Simple, clean interface to configure source video and display options

Adds optimized chromecast functionlity to your WordPress website in less than 5 minutes!
Sends supported video found on the page to Chromecast in the background so there is no duplicate playback on your remote control device, just like when you visit and cast a video. Minimize lag due to tab casting videos

A must if you want to send high definition video to the Chromecast from your webpage!

Integrates with your existing video player by simply placing and positioning an empty HTML element onto your existing player, then specifying this empty element as the container for the vCast button in the vCast plugin settings under the admin section in WordPress.

Frontend Features:

  • Pops open media controls for playback of selected video on the Chromecast. Play/Pause/Seek all supported
  • Video playlist for users to select a URL to cast from the list of detected media URLs
  • Several options for configuring button placement including:
    • Display button on WordPress posts containing detected media
    • Display button next to detected media
    • Display at specific location on the page specified via HTML
  • Change cast button image to whatever image you want
  • Change button background color to suit your existing player or website
  • Degrades gracefully in Firefox, IE, and whenever the Chromecast extension is not installed
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 transition effect for displaying media controls and playlist on devices

Backend Features:

Admin area is designed to be simple, yet powerful enough for developers

  • Easy to use admin area with default WordPress style
  • Media detection performed on client and will not slow down your website
  • Specify multiple source tags containing video you want to send to the Chromecast
  • Live vCast button preview when you preview your WordPress post before publishing
  • Configure multiple video file extensions for detection
  • Works with WordPress 3.3+ and PHP5

Since Chromecast launched, people have hit the cast button more than 400 million times to enjoy their favorite sports, music, premium movies and TV shows, according to Google, who recently also launched Chromecast in an additional 11 countries—Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. Also the upcoming Android TV is Cast Ready, so you’ll be able to cast to it from your devices just like when using the Chromecast

Requires Chrome browser with Chromecast extension on a PC or desktop computer. On Android smartphones and tablets, Chrome for Android required.

To cast your video from mobile devices, you must press the cast icon that displays on your video, and select the Chromecast device you would like to cast your video to

Please note, vCast button plugin does not play video content that is not supported on Chromecast.
For a list of supported video that will playback on the Chromecast, please see supported media for Chromecast.

vCast Button plugin for WordPress + File Away Plugin for WordPress = Your own powerful remote control for casting videos:


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