vbCache – vBulletin forum caching engine

vbCache – vBulletin forum caching engine


vbCache will dramatically reduce the server load as well as page load times on busy vBulletin installations by storing fully-rendered versions of popular forum pages in a cache and serving those cached versions instead of regenerating them each time. In tests server load and page load times have been cut in half on average and the visitor experience is much improved.

• Can reduce server load and page load times by half or more.

• This simple plugin saves you from having to purchase expensive hosting upgrades.

• Works for vBulletin 3.x and vBulletin 4.x (Not VB6)

• Automatically disabled for logged in users so forum regulars will still get freshest content

• Supports both regular file caching which is best for single servers, or memcached for clusters and cloud hosting

• Easy to install, requiring no coding or edits to vBulletin core files.

• Configured and ready to use out of the box for most installations.

Due to the very low price of this script, no support is included. The manual does include a detailed troubleshooting section to help you debug most common problems. The script works and is tested with most common configurations. Rare server, plugin, or theme configurations may require custom modification or troubleshooting for the script to work.


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