Useful Banner Manager Premium

Useful Banner Manager Premium


If you are looking for a high quality and professional designed WordPress plug-in for your blog, look no further than the Useful Banner Manager plug-in. This exciting new plug-in gives you the ultimate banner management tool so you can be in control of the ads on your WordPress site and keep track of the statistics and dollars those ads create.

Add Income with Banner Ads:

Whether you realize it or not, having a WordPress site is a really easy way to add extra income in your life. When you add advertising to your site, you will slowly start to see money trickle in and as your site gets more and more views, you will see more and more dollars.

Manage the Placement of Ads on Your Site:

Banner Manager allows you to put banner advertisements all over your blog. You can put them in the header, footer, sidebar, and in the posts and pages. You can put banner ads anywhere that you think it would look good on your site. Remember, that any time some clicks on one of those banner ads, you will see more money come make its way into your account.

Control Banner Rotations:

Many online advertising companies will rotate the banner ads and Banner Manager will let you include banner rotations anywhere you want them, too. Banner Manager is truly unique because it will also let you control the interval between the banner rotations.
You will be able to use SWF, JPG, GIF, and PNG banners on your WordPress site. You will also be able to control the targets of the banners and set the date of the plugin activation period. You will also be able to order the plugin by the number, which makes it easy to keep track of the statistics for banner impressions and clicks.

More Features to Come:

The designers of the Useful Banner Manager WordPress plug-in are also planning to add more features to make the banner manager even more user-friendly and provide more data for you to manage your advertising income.


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