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URL SCRPAER is unique ,very easiest and best for traffic.

Script Features

  • This works just like a Search Engine and finds the urls by searching keywords.
  • User will put a keyword and it works then grab the URLs.
  • You can download those urls in the cvs file. And use them later.
  • After search keyword you don’t need to search again for YouTube or RSS you just click on YouTube and it will give you the YouTube result.

    Ajax functions:

    After search a keyword you just click on the feature and it will give you the result through Ajax. it is very smooth and easy to use method

    Every user can use it easily no page reload and no confusion for any user.

    How it works Online.

    It has following unique functions.

    • You can search any type of Keywords And you can download URL List in CSV format.
    • What mostly people want the need URL related to their business or something like this.
    • You can also search Youtube video link by “Keywords” and download in CSV format .
    • Then you will not miss you favourite video because of you forget keywords or youtube link.
    • RSS URL Scraper. You can search any kind of RSS feed by Keywords and download in CSV file.


    == 19 May 15 ==
    - Upgrade to YouTube API Version 3 for YouTube Search.
    == 30 October 13 ==
    - First release.


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