Twitter Connect and Widgets for WordPress

Twitter Connect and Widgets for WordPress


The Twitter WPress for WordPress enables you to use the power of the Twitter API, on your own WordPress blog. Integrate the Twitter connect, the signup process using Twitter. Store your users Twitter tokens and update their timeline later. Display Twitter widgets and buttons with powerfull shortcodes. Display Twitter friends and followers using the built-in widgets. Open you WordPress to the Twitter API !


– Enables users to connect with their Twitter account.
– Enables users to create a WordPress account using their Twitter credentials.
– Enables you to link a Twitter account to your WordPress first admin user.
– Store the Twitter users tokens into the database.
– Ability to post updates to your users Twitter timeline (even if they are logged out).
– 7 widgets ready to be used (Twitter connect, Twitter Friends, Twitter Followers, Last connected users, User Tweets widget, List Tweets widget, Favorited Tweets widget).
– You can customize how many users are displayed in the widgets.
– Ability to display the Twitter connect button wherever you want in your theme(by adding a small PHP code provided in the documentation).
– Caching of Twitter API calls (set to 2 minutes).

6 shortcodes ready to be used in any post or page.
– Twitter Profile widget (user tweets).
– Favorited user Tweets widget.
– Twitter Lists Tweets
– Twitter connect functionality.
– Tweet buttons (3 possible styles).
– Follow buttons (18 possible styles).

News and Updates

15 June 2013:
– Updated to the latest Twitter API v1.1
– Introduced the new Twitter widgets (users tweets, list tweets, favorited tweets)
– Added new widgets (users tweets, list tweets, favorited tweets)

13 Jan 2013:
– Fixed a bug appearing on some install that have to do with the session not started

20 Dec 2012:
– Added support for WordPress latest version (v3.5)
– New and more powerful plugin settings page
– Added an ability to use the Twitter user picture as a comments avatars (when possible)
– Updated all the widgets based on the new WP Widgets API
– Cleaner source code

23 July 2011:
– Added the support for username creation based on the Twitter name (instead of just the Twitter id)

6 June 2011:
– Ability to connect/disconnect a Twitter account from the WP user profile page.
– Improved Twitter connect functionalities.

Installing the plugin the first time

Please make sure you try the plugin with a default WordPress theme (ex: Twenty ten) to make sure it works properly. Some themes are not coded properly and doesn’t always respect the official best practices for themes development, and can cause some plugins to not work properly. Knowing that will help diagnostic any problems you could have making this plugin work as expected.

The Facebook version of this plugin

You can find the Facebook plugin on this page: Facebook WPress for WordPress

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