TouchTooltip — WordPress plugin

TouchTooltip — WordPress plugin


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  • Touch devices support: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android;
  • Pure CSS tooltips with fallback;
  • Easy to use;
  • Intuitive integrated editor (check Video Preview);
  • 4 customizable sizes;
  • 8 positions;
  • 6 gradient style themes (even in IE7);
  • 13 Metro style themes from original guide lines;
  • Any HTML content with any CSS can be placed into TouchTooltip;
  • Easy to customize (for example: you need change only 3 values to create new gradient style theme);
  • Sass + Compass sources to customize everything;
  • Extends self functionality if JavaScript is enabled;
  • Lifetime support and updates;
  • Highly simple step-by-step manual.


Please check Screenshots to see full description and limitations.

Limitations of Visual Editor

TouchTooltip can be applied to text only. No links, no images, just plain text. It is a limitation of the WordPress editor.

But you always can switch WordPress editor to Text mode and apply the TouchTooltip by yourself.
Here is the documentation how to do it.

WordPress by default doesn’t allow to put <iframe> and <object> inside your post. You can install this free plugin to avoid this restriction.

Special thanks

  • Hand icon from Mobile Tuxedo

Bug tracker

Login: codecanyon

Password: codecanyon


Version 1.2

  • Updated code for usage with jQuery from 1.9;
  • Tooltip’s hiding improved (issue touchtooltip-4);
  • Fixed touch behavior on iOS (issue touchtooltip-5).

Version 1.1

  • Major changes in structure of project;
  • WordPress plugin minified and separated from sources;
  • Fixed adding links to the tooltip;
  • Changed name of folder lib to executable.

Version 1.01

  • Left was set as the default position when horizontal position isn’t specified;
  • Fixed extra space at the end of a word.


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