TORNADO Task Timer

TORNADO Task Timer



Have you ever thought of a way to track the number of hours you spend working on projects? There are lot of paid an un-paid products with monthly subscriptions. But now you can buy this code and install it in your server and use as long as you want. !

This task timer program is build by me – a freelancer who value how important it is to track the time you spent on projects, so you can charge clients for your time’s worth. Dont rip yourself off! time the work you do and charge accordingly!

This program is also build with some of the latest programming languages out there, to run at an optimal level.

Lets take a look at the features..

Program Features

  • Slick clean design I am not only a developer, but also a designer. Therefore I have build

    this program with an easy to use design with a great user interface.

  • Easy first-time installation This program comes with an easy installation file to set up

    database and user account before using the program for the first time.

  • AJAX & JQuery driven This program is driven by AJAX and JQuery, which allows for greater

    effects, transitions and dynamic content to load without having to re-load the page.

  • Notifications on what’s happening The bottom left notification box will let you know what

    is happening in the program, whether its loading something, whether a timer has started, how much time has

    been added to the program etc. It is very informative.

  • Task timer the obvious feature, you can record the time you spend on projects. Each

    project can have tasks and you can run timer for each task at a time.

  • Record already finished time If you have already finished some work or forgot to record

    the time, no worries! You can add that time to a task easily.

  • Edit everything easily If you made a mistake, you can easily edit it with a single click

    to ‘edit’ button. Almost everything about the project and tasks are editable.

  • Accidental page-close timer protection If you start a timer and accidentally close the

    page or logged out, next time you open the page or logged back in you can still see the timer running, and you

    haven’t lost a second. Timer will run until you stop it!

  • Single timer You can run only one timer at a time. I mean face it, you aren’t going to be

    working on more than one project at a time.

  • iPhone compatibility This program is tested to work on iPhone.


If you have any questions as far as editing, integrating, and customizing the webpage, please feel free to contact me through envato or you can write me to ashanster[at]


v2.0 - November 20th 2011
* New interface design
* Task and Project name submission fixed
* Other minor bugs fixed


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