Timetable for events with PHP, jQuery and XML

Timetable for events with PHP, jQuery and XML



Timetable for (music) festivals, seminars, business events and even sport events! Built on jquery and php this timetable is the ultimate, unique solution for an attractive and easy way to show visitors your events. The data can easily be updated by just editing an xml file while the php makes sure that everything will be search engine optimized.The timetable can be printed by your visitors and turns into a comprehensive list. Skins make it easy to adjust this timetable to any existing website.

Check out the WordPress version which has tons more features!

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  • Beautiful layout: easy on the eyes
  • Easy skinning.
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Select a personal program to print.
  • Build on jquery.
  • Colorbox for printing (optional) , images and youtube.
  • Fallback for the used css3 and javascript.
  • HTML5 Valid.
  • OOP based.

A must have for all event based websites. We made this Timetable in partnership with Ceasar Feijen. Together with his youtube app both these scripts are a great addition to any event website.

Some real clients

  • CMS Integration

Explanation for Experts

This event timetable is build using jQuery, CSS, PHP and XML.

  • XML holds the data so it can easily replaced by another DB type.
  • PHP parses the XML for the search engine optimalisation en speed.
  • jQuery makes sure that some nice effects are added
  • CSS makes it beautiful.


1.2.0 (Mar 15 2012)
* Added option to choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time format

1.1.0 (Feb 13 2012)
* Fixed bug where scrolling wouldn't work in jQuery 1.7

1.0.1 (Sep 21 2011)
* Updated stylesheet names from "timeline..." to "timetable..." 
* Fixed bug where empty events would slide down
* Fixed bug where website's style could overrule the timetable's style
* Fixed bug where description would side up when scrolling

1.0.0 (Sep 18 2011)
* First version


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