textLocker – Note Storage Service

textLocker – Note Storage Service


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textLocker is a simple and fun way to share notes with your friends or family which expire after a certain amount of time, or as soon as their read. It’s perfect for sharing those secret messages, telling people private information in a secure way, or just making a quick note that you don’t need forever.

You can even password protect your notes so that no one other than you can read them. If you want to share something once, like your phone number or a password for something you can make your note self-destruct once it’s been read. Coupled with the auto-destruct, you can easily share confidential information that will be deleted after a few minutes, or as soon as it’s read.

It’s based on a custom class, so can easily be integrated with any other MVC framework, or even raw code. It’s very easy to configure, and has a custom installer which allows you to get up and running within 30 seconds or less (yes, we timed it)!

The script is also fully responsive, try resizing your browser when you’re on it. It even supports image upload from iOS devices. In order for manage the script, it comes with it’s own admin panel. Check it out using the information below:

URL: http://preview.sudosu.co/textlocker/login
Username: admin
Password: admin

1.0 – 16th August 2014

- Initial release

1.1 – 17th August 2014

- Fix: Now using long array notation as some hosts don't support bracket notation
- Fix: Display issue with Firefox
- New: Statistics in admin panel
- New: Customisable rate limit to prevent spam notes
- New: Specify a maximum length for title and note content

1.2 – Planned Update (Not Finished)

- New: Advanced statistics on notes
- New: Google Analytics
- New: Encrypt notes using mcrypt
- New: Delete notes from the admin panel
- New: Email/webhook notification when a note is viewed
- New: Time ago/Time till display in admin panel (live in Demo!)


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