Status Shooter Application

Status Shooter Application


Status Shooter v1.3 Released.

Status Shooter is a Facebook application with an extensive collection of status messages which can be customized and posted to your wall. You can also suggest a good status for your friend or add your own status to the collection. It is a simple to use application which intimates users or admin about the activities related to this application via a nice html formatted email.


Excellent Support Service

Version History:

28/08/2011 – Version 1.3

  • Twitter Support Added
  • Updated fronend Interface

16/08/2011 – Version 1.2

  • Updated Ajax Pages
  • Updated fronend Interface
  • Added admin support
  • Admin can now add Status directly to Database
  • Optimized the script

How It Work’s

Status Shooter Application - 1

Main Features:

  • Update your Status depending upon your mood
  • It fetches a new status everytime without reloading the page
  • Various status categories for almost all occasions
  • The extensive database contains 39,000 status
  • All user data saved in database including user location email address (Will be helpful for marketing)
  • Can use the application for marketing purpose as Facebook serves as a good platform to popularize your site
  • Powerful Ajax frontend , Attractive User Interface and easy to use
  • Easy to implement
  • Nice HTML formatted Email notifications to welcome users and update admin about the activities which can be further customized.
  • Extensive documentation
  • Works in all major browsers
  • Able to handle Deauthorize Callback (Removes user who delete our application)

Please note, that to get the Live preview to work correctly you need to view it in it’s own window. Facebook doesn’t seem to like being in a Frame

Why should I buy Status Shooter?

There are many reasons why you should buy Status Shooter, but we will show the most important ones:

  1. It is a powerful Viral Marketing tool for your Website. Just think that for each Status Update sent by each user of your Status Shooter, you get a Backlink on Facebook & Twitter.
    So just say you have 100 active members. Each one sends 2 Status Updates on Facebook or Twitter from Status Shooter per day, it means you will get 200 Backlinks per day on Facebook and Twitter FOR FREE !
    Just imagine a way to advertise your Website on Facebook & TWitter for FREE and Forever!
  2. The Facebook Users are really going to love it. With Status Shooter they can update thier status from a vast databse of upto 39000 Statues!
  3. A full Transparent Solution! You DO NOT need to show the Status Shooter logo or the SpellOverYou logo on your Website. You do not need to use our API . You do not need to communicate with our Servers. You do not need to let your members know about us. Just purchase Status Shooter, modify the look if you want, and it will become Totally yours!

Other Important things to know:

  • 10 Minutes Easy Installation.
  • Does not require any additional Server Setting.
  • Completely Powered with AJAX , jQuery + PHP .
  • Easy to edit CSS file.
  • Every file has been commented with appropriate tips.

The only way to understand its power is Visiting the Live Demo.

Requirements and Recommendations

A PHP enabled server (version 4.3+) is required for the script to work.

NOTE : A basic knowledge of PHP is recommended to be able to implement the script, however the documentation is extensive so you may not need any.

Please help us

If you are going to rate the script less than 5 stars, please tell us what we can do to make it 5 stars
for you and we’ll fix it. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve the script, leave us a comment or send us an email and your suggestion might make it in to a future version!


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