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Square Live Chat



You can learn more about Square Live Chat from the documentation. It is also included in your download.

Square Live Chat can be used as a group chat box, live support system, or any other purposes. It uses text files to store messages and doesn’t require a database nor a socket server. It also supports multiple languages and custom themes. You can read more about that from the documentation linked above.

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If you want to access the administration of the support chat demo, the username and password are admin and pass respectively.


How to update?

Download the script and overwrite the files you previously had. Note that some changes you make to the code may be overwritten. Follow the documentation when translating or re-designing the site to avoid complications.

1.1.3 (April 20, 2013)

Links posted in the chat now open in a new tab or window

1.1.2 (September 23, 2012)

New documentation
Fixed apostrophes in chat
Set amount of lines to be logged in configuration
Fixed PHP compability issue for lower versions
Fixed Internet Explorer 8 javascript errors
Prevented joined/left messages from being logged

1.1.1 (September 13, 2012)

Clicking on a user allows you to whisper easily
Links are automatically converted into clickable hyperlinks
Profanities (or any other words) can be censored
Fixed case-insensitive password-protected nicknames

1.1.0 (September 10, 2012)

Fixed a bug where typing "message" turned into "undefined" (Thanks, iAlex!)
HTML is now disabled in the chat



Works in all browsers
Channels (chat rooms)
Online users list
User system integration
Track users by cookie or IP
Ban users by IP (or cookie)
Emotes (can also be disabled)


/help      See a list of all commands.
/nickname  Change your nickname.
/whisper   Send a private message.
/emotes    See a list of emoticons.
/mute      Prevent a user from sending messages.
/unmute    Unmute a user.
/ban       Restrict a user's access to chat.
/unban     Unban a user.


Group chat
Live support



  1. PHP 4+


  1. Open the SquareLC folder and make a copy of the _config.php file called config.php and set your settings in that file
  2. Upload the SquareLC folder on a web hosting of your choice
  3. Give write permissions to the /SquareLC/db/ folder using an FTP client or a file browser your hosting provides (usually chmod 755 or 777 if that doesn’t work)

There’s more information available in the documentation.


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