SQLite Object Oriented Framework

SQLite Object Oriented Framework


This is a professionnal grade SQLite database framework. It enables you to avoid writing and re-writing all the repetitive SQL queries and all the fetch arrays, help protect you against SQL injections, and offer you a very robust, but simple way to interact with your SQLite2 databases.

This Framework is inspired from our MySQL framework, that have been used and improved for years. You can get the MySQL framework on this page.

– Uses SQLite databases (no MySQL database required).
– Fully object oriented (uses classes)
– Uses one class file per database table
– Automatically generate the class files related to your database tables.
– Prevent SQL injections by escaping bad characters.
– All functions are centralized in one single file.
– Fully documented.
– Open only one connection per page.

The installation is very simple:
1/ You need to define your SQlite database name.
2/ You add your tables informations to the script that will generate all the classes for you.
3/ You include the framework with one single include();
4/ You can then start using your new framework.

How to use:
Let’s suppose you have a table called “article”, containing 3 fields: id, title, description.
Just instantialize the class called Article ($a1 = new Article()) and call the methods that you need (to select, update, insert, delete and provide custom queries…)

Full documentation provided with the source code.
Send me an email if you want to view the documentation before purchase.


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