SPM – Simple Project Manager

SPM – Simple Project Manager


Simple Project Manager 2.50 Semptember 6th 2020

SPM - Simple Project Manager - 1

with v2.50 now compatible with PHP7.x and updated from mysql to mysqli, smaller fixes and improvements – more in the changelog further down

The idea behind Simple-PM is an easy to use Projectmanagement tool.
I was searching a while for something like that and unfortunately nothing was the right one for me.
So I began to program my own project manager and here it is  :)

I use it for my projects since July 2009 as admin only, so I don’t have to assign me to projects, nonetheless I have included a user-management, so that you have the possibility to assign different projects to appropriate users only.



  • Just two levels of user-rights (Administrator or custom user rights) NEW since V1.2
  • edit their profildata
  • add their working-times to projects they are assigned to
  • administrators can add their times everywhere
  • administrators can manage a lot of users and define there project and user rights
  • ability to write todos NEW since V1.3
  • ability to delegate todos NEW since V1.35
  • ability to define own weekly/monthy working load NEW since V1.35


  • a lot of details for each customer
  • access projects through customerviews
  • inactive customers and their projects can only be viewed by an administrator
  • short overview of assigned project and their working times
  • short overview of assigned documents and their working times NEW since V1.2
  • short overview of assigned todos and their working times NEW since V1.3

Statistics NEW since V1.5

  • with JQuery’s jqBarGraph
  • all projects (spent time) per customer
  • all project-times per project (splitted into months and then into days) – days with milstones will be signalized
  • all projects to single user
  • single projects to single user (month/year – day/month)
  • own projects via profile
  • own single project via profile

Documents NEW since V1.1

  • document management included, invoices, offers and other documents can now be uploaded to the customers
  • the documents are only downloadable by administrators (no direct linking) or users with rights to view the customer’s documents


  • create projects and assign them to the customers
  • assign users to the projects
  • start time-measurement just by clicking on start now icon
  • stop time-measurement immediately just by clicking on stop now icon or edit unclosed working-time
  • add custom working-times by clicking the appropriate icon
  • categories within a project to get a better overview NEW since V2.0
  • dynamic timer to show you how long you’re currently working – with popup functionality NEW since V2.0
  • search for unique project IDs NEW since V2.1
  • …..

Project-Files since V1.3

  • document management for projects included, every kind of document can now be uploaded to your projects
  • the documents are only downloadable by administrators (no direct linking) or users with rights to view the project’s documents
  • different user-rights for adding/editing/viewing and deleting project files

Languages since V1.4

  • SPM supports mutli languages, currently english and deutsch
  • it’s possible to add new languages by copying one of the language directories and edit the copied files
  • every user can use his preferred language during the login process

Knowledgebase since V2.0

  • Administrators can manage access to knowledgebase entries
  • Entries can be created, edited, deleted (WYSIWYG-Editor)
  • Searchable entries with keywords support
  • Possibility to create entries just for “myself” or all qualified users

Password Manager since V2.22

  • possibility to save sites/URLs with username and passwords
  • passwords will be saved encoded to the database
  • only with the SPM-User password these passwords can be decrypted
  • possibility to save clear text passwords next to the encryped ones
  • included random password generator


URL: http://spm.envato.homac.at/
USER: admin
PASS: pass

Current Version Simple Project Management 2.50 September 6th 2020

Update instructions and update scripts are included

Updates V2.50 September 6th 2020

  • improved: compatibility to PHP7.x
  • improved: upgraded from mysql to mysqli
  • fixed: some javascript issues (warnings) with masonry and countdown timer
  • fixed: some small code fixes
  • improved: small layout fix for tool-column on customers listing

Updates V2.22.01 May 6th 2016

  • fixed: mistake in update instructions

Updates V2.22 May 5th 2016

  • added: password manager with some security features
    – saving encrypted passwords to the datebase (mysql aes_encrypt)
    – encryption only possible with SPM-User password
    – possibility to save plain text passwords next to the encryped ones too

Updates V2.21 April 15th 2015

  • fixed: sql troubles when trying find the highest customer’s number when creating a new customer
  • fixed: replaced PHP short tag in language file
  • fixed: considered undefined indexes and mysql_connects

Updates V2.20 October 20th 2014

  • fixed: quote troubles in various forms
  • improved: some additional links added to reach different sections faster
  • added: different views for customers list (online/offline/all) incl. default view
  • added: different views for projects list depending on customer’s state (online/offline/all) incl. default view
  • improved: default language can be set in the config
  • added: last active projects linked and ready to restart/stop on dashboard
  • added: showing highest used customer number when adding new customer
  • added: project times report for each user on user’s page
  • added: own project times report on profile page
  • added: possibility to upload multiple files on customers’ documents page at once
  • improved: focusing “OK” button on confirmation pages by default
  • added: allover search for customers, projects, project files, customer documents and knowledge base entries
  • updated: translated missing Dutch (nl) language parts
  • fixed: some smaller fixes and removed unused codes, arguments

Updates V2.13 2012-10-29

> -) Fixes for special form field data
> -) Some SQL-query fixes
> -) Fix for sporadic bug during downloads of project files
> -) Fix for sporadic bug during downloads of customer files
> -) Customer status update fix

Updates V2.12 2011-07-24

> -) Some PHP 5.3 fixes

Updates V2.11 2011-04-11

> -) Some fixes to projects’ attachments

Updates V2.1 2011-01-28

> -) Some really small fixes in the projects
> -) Added some shortcuts to projects details and edit views
> -) Added possibility to search for project IDs
> -) Added project IDs to details, list and edit views
> -) Stay tuned for the next major realease  :)

Updates V2.01 2010-08-02

> -) Added auto-close for timer-popup
> -) Some small fixes among others to customers form (ZIP-code), html-entities for todos (detailed view), …

Updates V2.0 2010-06-25

> -) Added searchable knowledgebase
> -) New user-permissions for the knowledgebase added
> -) Added time-measure info with popup function
> -) Dateformats can now be defined in the language files
> -) Dynamic project option on customer selections while creating/editing a todo
> -) Subprojects (categories) for projects
> -) quoting checks (dbquote-function implemented)

Updates V1.52 2009-12-11

> -) Some language fixes

Updates V1.51 2009-12-07

> -) Some small layout and language fixes
> fixed the overall width on dashboard
> small language fixes
> added complete Dutch translation – thanks again to Daniel van der Stelt

Updates V1.5 2009-12-06

> -)Some small fixes
> cust_act (customers_main)
> -)Added number of projects to the customers’ overview
> -)Now it’s possible to add a milestone to a time-entry
> -)Added some statistics (using JQuery’s jqBarGraph)
> – all projects (spent time) per customer
> – all project-times per project (splitted into months and then into days) – days with milstones will be signalized
> – all projects to single user
> – single projects to single user (month/year – day/month)
> – own projects via profile
> – own single project via profile
> -)Delegated todos can be followed now
> – the receiver of a delegated todo isn’t able to delete or redelegate todo
> – as a delegator you are able to redelegate, edit and/or delete your delegated todos
> – as a delegator you can follow the user actions on your delegated todo
> -)A little bit redesigned dashboard with some statistics

Updates V1.41 2009-11-14

> -) Added table prefix option
> – now there should be no intersections of table names
> -) Added Dutch language
> Many THX to Daniel van der Stelt
> -) Small fixes
> – Removed pre-created data/docs directory, now SPM can create the docs-directory with the correct permissions
> – Correct sorting of customers in customers’ overview (depending on custno, company name and/or contact person)

Updates V1.4 2009-11-01

> -) Customers and project are neatly arranged now on the user edit page
> -) SPM is multilingual now
> currently available languages are English and Deutsch
> it’s easy to add your own language, the language files are placed in the lang directory
> debug function included, if a key wasn’t found a mail with these information will be sent to $conf_admin_mail
> -) Updated projects overview
> now the projects are fold out by default if
> it’s the first customer in the list (since 1.35),
> one of the projects has an open time entry or it’s an currently updated project (starting, stoping, editing, …)
> -) Prevention of starting workings on projects many times by one person
Now you’re only able to start work on one project,
> to start your work on another one you have to stop the open work first.
> You can still add complete working times as always, regardless from open working times
> -) Redesigned Confirmation Page

Updates V1.35 2009-10-17

> -) Small small and medium bugs fixed
> -) Customer’s document management is now accessible through customer’s details too (if there are enough permissions)
> -) Project’s document management is now accessible through project’s details too (if there are enough permissions)
> -) Value of open Todos can now be viewed in the menue and on the landing page
> -) Users can define their intended weekly and monthly working load (hours)
> Information about their status in the current week/month can be found near the logout button)
> -) Added show/hide function for projects’ overview
> -) Added spent time and number of projects to each customer on projects’ overview
> -) Added ability to delegate todos to other users, can be en/disabled in the conf.php

Updates V1.32 2009-09-20

> -) Bugfixed conf.php
> fixed problems with the custom user rights
> to update from 1.3x to 1.32 open conf.php and replace $pm_auth_acl with $pm_acl

Updates V1.31 2009-09-19

> Just updated the setupscript

Updates V1.3 2009-09-16

> -) Added document management for projects as well
> Now you are able to upload various files to your projects.
> -) Added more options to the User-Rights-Management:
> + View files of accessible projects
> + Add files to accessible projects
> + Add/Edit/Delete files of accessible projects
> -) Added Todo-Section for every user
> Users can add, edit, finish, unfinish, delete todo-entries
> Assignment of todos to projects and/or customers can also be done independently of each other
> -) Added customer infos to project details incl. direct linking to customer
> -) Added status-colors for projects and customers on user-editing page

Updates V1.21 2009-09-09

> -) Added more options to the new User-Rights-Management:
> + Viewing of only own project-times
> + Viewing of all projects of assigned customers
> -) small bugfix for customers’ overview (user-rights disruption)
> -) small ugfix for customer’s detailview (if no companyname was set, the customer was not displayed)
> -) Small appreciation of documentuploads (if an error occurs you will stay on the uploadform-page)
> -) Little Update for the Setup-Routine (Tablenamechecks)

Updates V1.2 2009-09-05

> -) Added function checkdnsrr if not exists (especially Windows-Plattforms with PHP-Version under 5.3.0)<br />
> -) New User-Rights-Management:<br />
>    + Add times to all projects OR only assigned projects<br />
>    + View all projects OR only assigned projects<br />
>    + View all customers and files OR only assigned Customers with their files OR only customers with assigned projects w/o their files<br />
>    Note #1: if someone is able to view projects, he is able to view assigned customers-data (either with or without files) too<br />
>    Note #2: if someone is able to view customers, he is able to view assigned projects too<br />
> -) Bugfix for projectlist (times to assigned projects could not added)<br />
> -) Bugfix for profile-permissions for Non-Admins<br />
> -) Projectlists:<br />
>    + Added number of sessions to the project descriptions (customer details, projects overview)
>    + Short statement are now clickable to view more details (if available) in the project details<br />  
>    + Added links to expand/retract comments all by one click

Updates V1.11 2009-08-10

> Mysql-password-function workaround (old_password vs. password) for setup SimplePM (pass will be set by function not by string)<br />changed files: setup.php, tables.sql<br /><strong>Only necessary for setting up and installation</strong>

Updates V1.1 2009-08-03

> Added much more details for the customers
> Added document management<br />* Now you are able to upload various files to your customer.<br />* Invoices, Offers and other documents can be added to the customers.
> Documents can only be viewed by admins (no direct links)<br />
> Small fixes<br />
> Update-information and -scripts are included

Updates V1.01 2009-08-03

> Fixed comments-bug for admin-time-edit-form

I hope you like it.


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