SoundCloud Search & API Integration

SoundCloud Search & API Integration


This app enables you to access millions of sounds from the SoundCloud API. More than 10 millions artists and musician are using this growing website, and through this app you can search, access and listen to all their creations, supporting the original SoundCloud embed player right from your site.

You can activate the “Instant Search” feature so that your visitors get the search results as they type in their keywords. The app also comes with filters enabling to search by 11 available music genres, and several Creative Commons licenses types.


– Access to millions of sounds uploaded by Artists and Musicians
– SoundCloud API integration
– Filter results based on 11 music genres (Danse, Electronic, House, Pop, Rock, Techno, etc)
– Filter results based on Creative Commons license
– Play the sounds right from your website through the embed player
– “Instant search” enabling loading the results as the keywords are typed in !
– Ability to search by an artist name
– AJAX based results display
– Caching system to reduce API calls (new)
– Very clean interface


18 Oct 2015
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap CSS v3.3.5
– Fixed an issue with the music player not visible on mobile devices
21 Sept 2014
– Fixed a small bug when a search is made using several keywords
8 June 2013
– Added a widely request feature enabling the display of results as a list
– Fixed a small bug in the display when certain music search were performed
– Added the ability to switch from the list type results, to the grid view results (working only with the regular search type based on get parameters)
– Added the ability to load more music through a “Load More” button


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