SoundCaptcha – Captcha that speaks.

SoundCaptcha – Captcha that speaks.


SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 1 SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 2 SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 3 SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 4

SoundCaptcha is simple form for verification of any “token” in case that submitted request is human input.
We all know that todays captchas generate string that most of times are hard to read from eye of human and this requires that the page must reload (refresh) to generate new captcha string, and after refreshing page you may lost some of information you’ve already wrote in the input fields, meanwhile this creates frustration to you as user.

For this reason SoundCaptcha offers the second chance, possibility to hear captcha token via voice speaker then type it on the captcha input field, and this increases the probability that user will type the correct required “token”.

SoundCaptcha spells letters from A-Z and numbers from 0 to 9, but it simply ignores other characters such as [email protected]#$%^… etc

You may choose whether captcha audio player will open in Pop-up window or current captcha page

Captcha string its case InSeNsItIvE and this ensures that user doesn’t have to be worried about case sensivity.


SoundCaptcha allows you to make these changes that increase the display flexibility:

  • Flash audio player: pop-up window or current page
  • Font type (TrueType font file)
  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Background pattern
  • Characters to display
  • Randomizing
    * Font type randomizer
    Font color randomizer
    Background pattern randomizer

Package currently contains 5 font types and 11 background patterns. But this doesn’t means that you cannot apply your desired background pattern or font file.
How? You will see at documentation.


From server-side, optimal to generate captcha

  • PHP 4.4 > newer version is recommended

SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 5

Client-side that needs to verify captcha

  • JavaScript
  • Flash Player


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