Social Avatar WordPress Plugin

Social Avatar WordPress Plugin


Social Avatar WordPress Plugin - 1
Thank you for choosing Social Avatar plugin!

Social Avatar WordPress Plugin - 2 

Features – version 1.0

Built in Social Icons
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AIM, Digg, eMail, Google+, iCompositions, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Skype, Soundcloud, Technorati, Yahoo, YouTube

Custom Social Icons
Admin can create up to 5 custom social icons

See our demo.

Social Avatar WordPress Plugin - 3

Admin can control:

  • Enable/disable use of Google+ authorship sitewide
  • Complete control over HTML that produces the Social Avatar
  • Complete control over CSS that styles the Social Avatar
  • Enable/disable built in and custom social icons site wide
  • Admin can enable/disable Social Avatar display on Pages, Posts, and/or shortcodes.
  • Which role to start using Social Avatar (defaults to Contributor)
  • What prefix to display before user’s name.
  • Location of box, top or bottom, for automatic placement of Social Avatar
  • Avatar size
  • Text Widgets – Useful
  • Comments – Useful
  • Excerpts – Useful
  • Category, Tag and Taxonomy Descriptions – Useful

Users can control:

  • Enable/disable Social Avatar for their profile
  • Choice of website icon (WordPress, Blogger, or website)
  • Enable/disable use of Google+ authorship for their profile
  • Enable/disable the built in or custom social icons on their profile
  • Configure each social icon’s user, username, id, etc.
  • Use shortcode [social-avatar] in pages/posts
  • Use shortcode [social-avatar id=xxx] where xxx is a user id to display

If enabled by Admin, Authors can use the [social-avatar] and/or the [social-avatar-icons] shortcodes in Posts/Pages, Text Widgets, Comments, Excerpts, Category, Tag and Taxonomy Descriptions.

The shortcode can be used even if the Author disables Social Author in their profile. This allows the Author to tag selected posts with their Social Author

Updated version – 1.0.1 (18/09/13)

You can now add shortcode ( [social-avatar] or [social-avatar-icons]) to:

  • Text Widgets -Added
  • Comments -Added
  • Excerpts -Added
  • Category, Tag and Taxonomy Descriptions -Added


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