Smooth Ajax Poll

Smooth Ajax Poll


What is Smooth Ajax Poll ?

Smooth Ajax Poll is the most complete poll solution that has been made, it’s a simple yet advanced poll, entirely written in PHP/MySQL/jQuery and AJAX,it’s so user friendly and can be integrated easily on any given website that needs a poll (in less than 1 minute).
No matter how your website design is,you can edit the poll design in few seconds to suit your needs.some other features are listed below .


The top 10 reasons why you should have Smooth Ajax Poll are :

  • Very easy to install ( No Coding skills are required to set up the poll )
  • Comes with auto-install ( No need to create the poll database manually )
  • Unlimited poll support
  • Export the complete poll statistics to your hard drive as (CSV,XML or PDF files)
  • Double security layer (IP and COOKIES) which Limits users to vote once per poll
  • Single/Multiple choices poll vote
  • Fully customizable design through the admin panel
  • Real time display ,and high user friendly interface
  • Multiple language interface , and 2 mode of preview
  • Easily manipulate the poll’s vote results ( fake the results  :evil: )

And much more …

jQuery versions support

From 1.7.0 to 1.11.2 ( the current version at the time of writing )

Is it hard to install ?

  1. Unzip the folder
  2. Fill in the URL in the config file
  3. Upload to your host & start the automatic database setup
  4. Edit your poll design & settings from the admin panel
  5. Done

From 0 to 100% installed in few easy steps which will take you less than 5 minutes ( Guarenteed! )
How hard was that ?.

What my customers think ?

seuntech : i have bought almost all the poll script on this site, yours is the best thanks

Arix: I would recommend this to either people with a lot of web knowledge or noobs (like I). Really easy user guide and if you don’t understand anything emonik is extremely helpful  :) Thank you for all your help!

irie: Seriously the best support I’ve ever received from anyone in the Envato suite. You have been great – looking forward to buying more of your work in the future emonik!!

georgeHaginice: nice work. It’s fantastic!

AD2009: Guys and girls, if you’re reading these comments before purchasing.. then you can just move on to the purchase button! I purchased the script yesterday and had some issues with the folder path thing to get it to work. After giving up I wrote the comment above (incl a separate similar mail with ftp login), and today Emonik emailed me and had sorted everything out! OUTSTANDING support! 5/5
And beside that.. The script is awesome  :)

safaoi: That was magnificent support, many thanks for your help.

As you can see +250 buyers are satisfied with Smooth Ajax Poll,so why don’t you give it a try and see by your self ?


Demo: Here .
Some other features like the poll area managements are disabled in demo


December,29th 2014 (version 1.7)

So whats new in the version 1.7 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] Auto detect paths ( relative / complete ) to make the setup easier
  • [Fixed] When adjusting the start and expiry dates, a poll may be incorrectly shown if the start date is adjusted to before the current time
  • [Fixed] Admin panel refresh
  • [Fixed] Auto fill the new poll form (expiry date)
  • [Fixed] Users can vote after 0 min, without the query getting failed
  • [Fixed] After creating/edting a poll the “Where” field is being validated
  • [Other] : Improved the setup process

October,21st 2012 (version 1.6)

So whats new in the version 1.6 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] Countries targeted poll
  • [Feature] HTML embedded options and questions
  • [Feature] Dynamic display of the polls based on its start date and expire date
  • [Fixed] Languages like Arabic,Russian and Chinese… etc, didn’t display correctly in the options
  • [Fixed] When there is duplicate options in a poll, results didn’t display correctly

October,31st 2011 (version 1.5)

So whats new in the version 1.5 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] More flexible admin panel
  • [Feature] Different style and vote expiration for each poll
  • [Feature] Auto Installer
  • [Fixed] IE6 ,IE7 display fixes

August,19th 2011 (version 1.3.6)

So whats new in the version 1.3.6 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Fixed] Voting on special options issues
  • [Fixed] Cross browser voting issues
  • [Fixed] Compressed preview poll results issues

August,13th 2011 (version 1.3.5)

So whats new in the version 1.3.5 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] Multiple choices poll vote
  • [Feature] Set the period to re-vote again easily
  • [Feature] Vote results edition ( artificially change the votes for each option  :evil: )
  • [Fixed] Export the statistics when the poll is in another folder

June,17th 2011 (version 1.2.5)

So whats new in the version 1.2.5 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Fixed] Poll result’s display bug
  • [Fixed] Poll design bug (when choosing only the radio button style , without the colors every thing goes black)

April,27th 2011 (version 1.2)

So whats new in the version 1.2 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] 2 Mode of poll preview ( Compact , Extended )
  • [Feature] ( Spanish , Italian , German) poll interface
  • [Fixed] Ease of moving the poll to another folder/sub-folder
  • [Fixed] Some minor issues

April,9th 2011 (version 1.1)

So whats new in the version 1.1 of Smooth Ajax Poll ?

  • [Feature] Special characters support ( éàèç… )
  • [Feature] Selection of the poll to be shown is now from the admin panel
  • [Feature] Multiple language interface (English,French)
  • [Feature] The poll admin panel is integrable with in your existing admin panel
  • [Feature] The poll Error/confirm messages have been designed
  • [Fixed] IP Geolocator bug has been fixed
  • [Fixed] The poll width bug has been fixed


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