Smart jQuery Photos gallery

Smart jQuery Photos gallery


This app enables you to create a photos or images gallery in minutes. You can create unlimited galleries from the secured admin interface and upload yours pictures to it using AJAX. You can also add a caption for each of your images. The front end interface enables you to filter through your albums and preview your images in different easy and user friendly ways.


– Unlimited galleries (create, edit and delete functions)
– Unlimited images (upload and delete functions).
– Supports multiple photos upload
– 2 different type of displays on the front end
– Galleries filters (for an easy access)
– Secure and super user friendly admin interface (login and logout)
– Customize your admin user from the config file
– 2 thumbnails generated for each image uploaded
– Customize the size of your images thumnails
– Supports captures (images description)
– Supports Fancybox (larger image view)
– Supports pagination
– Gallery builder tool (new)
– Based on the bootstrap CSS framework
– Powered by jQuery
– Very clean application that could be extended to your needs.


20 April 2018
– Dropping Uplodify and flash, and using a new HTML 5 uploader
17 June 2013
– Gallery builder tool introduced and making integrating your photos on your own website as simply as a copy paste ! (check the demo here)
– New demo1 and demo2 pages showing how minimal is the code to get the galleries display

Get your Facebook albums displayed on your own website, and keep the images hosted on Facebook to save bandwidth ! Check out the demo here

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