Slavlee Cookie Control

Slavlee Cookie Control


Slavlee Cookie Control is a extension that shows an alert to ask the user to accept or decline your cookie policy.

This extension helps your TYPO3 website to comply the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or DSGVO). You can access the decision of the user via TypoScript or PHP – wise in your own extension.

So, you can react on it like loading tracking tools, only when the user accepted your cookie policy.

Slavlee Cookie Control supports two different modes. The simple mode display only a simple notice message that your website using cookies and links to your privacy page.
The advanced mode shows categories to accept. You can also enable a modal box, where detailled information about the used services can be listed.
The user can accept the whole category and all of its service or single services as well.

The cookie text is changeable via TypoScript.


  • Typo3 8.7.x – Typo3 10.4.x
  • PHP 7

Latest Updates

  • [Bugfixes] Several bugfixes preventing the modal box from saving the settings
  • [Feature] Accepting/Denying services individually
  • [Feature] Enable option for each service
  • [Feature] TYPO3 V10 Support
  • [Feature] Modal Box to show detailled information about service, cookies and urls that are used on the site.
  • [Maintenance] Renamed extension from cookie_control to slavlee_cookie_control. Please read the Whats new section.
  • [Maintenance] Restructed TypoScript. Now, the cookies and urls are grouped in services. The user now accepts/denies services which can hold multiple urls and cookies. Please read the Whats new section.
  • [Important] The template and partials files has been changed. Also, the ViewHelper Widgets. Please compare your code before upgrading, if you have made any changes.
  • [Important] Drop PHP Support below 7
  • [Important] Dropped TYPO3 V7 Support. You need to upgrade to at least 8.7.x to use Slavlee Cookie Control.


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