Sitemakin and Cloner – Fast CMS and Cloner

Sitemakin and Cloner – Fast CMS and Cloner


Two tools in one; a simple to use CMS and a site cloner that can clone most websites out there.

Lightning fast CMS that can use any HTML template as its theme. With two clicks of the mouse, you have an editable page. No programming knowledge required!

Alongside the CMS, we have included two cloning tools. One is built to clone the working site into HTML files and the required folders that contain css, images and js. The other tool can be used to clone almost any website on the web and give you a compete set of working files.

Works with Linux VPS and DEDICATED hosting and home PCs, and Windows home PCs using tools like XAMP and WAMP.

Asides from using Sitemakin on a web hosted web server, it also works very quickly with a local server on Windows like XAMP. Watch how easy it clones and edits!

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v1.6 March 2 2017
Changed some insert queries to abide by mysql 5.7 default settings for auto_increment values. Added some null fields to please strict mysql versions.

v1.5 November 2016
Changed some DB tables to utf_unicode_ci

v1.4 September 2015
Added custom page session control in header_edit.php.

v1.3 June 2015
Modified installation folder for auto installation.

v1.0 December 2014
First release of Sitemakin and Cloner

Now, you have an option for a quick installation or manual installation.

Sitemakin and Cloner - Fast CMS and Cloner - 1

Cloning your own Sitemakin website on a hosted web server is simple. Just a single mouse click. But, if you plan to clone external websites with your hosting account, PHP must have the shell_exec() function enabled and the Linux package httrack must be installed.

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This works easily with VPS, dedicated servers, or in the comfort of your own home by installing Virtualbox(free) and running Linux as a virtual machine on either Windows or Mac. Luckily, you can find VPS packages for a few dollars per month.

Yet another option is to use a Raspberry Pi connected to your router. Or, almost any old computer will do. The simple procedures are covered in the documentation.

For those who are new to Linux, I can help you out.

Demo Login

Username: admin
Password: admin

About Website Cloning

There are various instances where you may want to clone a website.

Scenario #1 Acquiring Web Project

One such instance is that you have a client who had a website built by another web designer / developer and he disappeared or refuses to cooperate at giving the owner his working website files. Thus, with the site clone tool, you can easily acquire all those files and return them back to the copyright owner, which is the client. Also, if the site is created in another platform, you can acquire the files and customize it with the new Sitemakin CMS.

Scenario #2 Testing Website Codes

You have found a website or theme for which you desire and it contains some modern styling for which you want to learn and practice. This tool is convenient method to acquire the template and test the code. However, you may want to have permission from the copyright holder.

Scenario #3 Teaching Web Design and Do It Your Self Website Builder

The Sitemakin CMS is very lightweight and can be used to help people build their own websites, or, teach html, css and Javascript coding online. The process is very simple, they can login, create and edit new pages. If you teach your client to only edit text and change images, anybody can build their own website without any coding experience.


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