Simple Image Share

Simple Image Share


Simple Image Share 2.2 June 15th 2015

Simple Image Share - 1

makes it simple to run your own image share hosting service

New since V2.2 improved/fixed/refined some rotating issues

New since V2.1 added check for malformed images because of security issues

New since V2.0 removed 3rd party xajax, reprogrammed using jquery framework, rotation support, various fallbacks to work on IPad or Andorid devices too, more info can be found in the changelog below …

New since V1.3 now it’s possible to auto-delete on age (since 1.2) or last access of images …

New since V1.2 possibility to auto-delete images on reaching specified age, some sorting and display changes in the admininterface …

New since V1.15: now JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs stay in their format remain their file format on resizing, prior they were converted to JPEGs no matter which format they had …

New since V1.1: Multiple image upload, different views in administration, added missing logout button, social links fixed for non-mod_rewrite versions …

Great Britain

SIS (Simple Image Share) offers you the possibility run your own image sharing tool out of the box

Simple Installation and there’s no database required



  • Upload images
  • Share images
    – on social networks
    – on forums and bulletin boards
    – mail to your friends
  • describe images
  • Rotate images (i.e. wrong directed photoshoots on mobile devices)
  • Images will be automatically resized
  • 3 different styles (light, dark or woody)
  • 2 fresh display modes (accordion or tabs)
  • different and easy to extend language system (english and german included)
  • nice URLs provided with optional mod_rewrite
  • Ajax functionality for sending email and editing description
  • Auto-Deleteion of images


  • Short overview through all images
  • Linkings to them
  • Possibility to delete images

and much more … try it out


  • PHP5.x (could work with PHP4.x too -> not tested)
  • GD-Library
  • suggested but not essential: mod_rewrite
  • Auto-delete regarding to last image access doesn’t work on Windows Servers running PHP lower than 5.3

Additional Information

editable Fireworks CS4 PNG for buttons and logo is equipped

Uploadify for the Upload
Xajax for the Ajax functionality
JQuery’s UI for the Accordion, Tabs and the Folding out function for message boxes
JQuery Scrollable for multiple imageuploads
Galleriffic for second admin view

Current Version Simple Image Share 2.2 June 15th 2015

Update instructions are included AND every version you’re downloading is the full up2date version

Updates V2.2 June 15th 2015

  • fixed: bypassed possible color replacements on PNGs and GIFs when rotating them
  • improved: using PHP’s imagerotate function when available, otherwise SIS’s rotating function (as hitherto)

Updates V2.1 Aug 3rd 2014

  • added check for malformed images because of security issues

Updates V2.0 Apr 6th 2013

  • got fully rid of third party xajax plugin
  • reprogrammed with the help of a current version of Jquery
  • added possibility to rotate uploaded images
  • working fallback for flash-less uploads (single upload only)
  • some smaller fixes

Updates V1.3 2012-08-01

  • auto-delete of images works now with age of images or last access of images
  • some major bugfixes to “single uploads while multi upload is enabled” issue, if you know what I mean  :)

Updates V1.2 2011-11-21

  • auto-delete of images afer reaching pre-defined days
  • sorting and display fixes in the administration interface

Updates V1.15 2010-10-27

  • now the different File-Extensions (JPG, PNG, GIF) will be considered during the size transformations

Updates V1.1 2010-09-05

  • Adding possibility to upload multiple images
  • Fixed sharing links for the use without mod_rewrite
  • Added logout-button to admin area
  • added one more admin view (galleriffic)
  • added possibility to store additional information to image uploads (e.g. IP-Address)

1st Release V1.0 2010-08-05

happy sharing


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