Simple Hosting Billing System

Simple Hosting Billing System


The latest features are available

The latest update, June 2019:

  1. Discounted voucher code
  2. Automatic notification to customer emails: Registration, processed payments, and services that have been expired
  3. Administrator Dashboard
  4. Currency value conversion, this will later be used if customers pay bills using paypal
  5. Setting currency in the admin menu, this is possible so that it is easier to change the currency for example from dollars to rupiah and so on
  6. Testimonials are equipped with photos
  7. Display templates that are newer and modern and minimalist
  8. Integration of payments with paypal

Simple Hosting Billing System

Web-based software that is used to simplify the management of the business of selling domain and hosting, setup feature products to report the transaction. And now this script support PHP version 7/MSQLi.


  • Management of domain and hosting products.
  • Features domain checker, Who is, the status of the server.
  • Check the active period of the order.
  • Discussion Forum.
  • Testimonials visitors and customers.
  • The report is based on the desired time span.
  • Open Ticket
  • Multi level, Administrator, Operator and User
  • Button login to CPanel directly.
  • Notification sent to the email account user.
  • Backup and restore database fitur
  • And so forth.


Log in as Administrator

  • Username: admin and Password: admin

Login as Operator

  • Username: nova and Password: admin

Login as User

  • Please register and login to the web demo


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