Shoppy – Online shopping list

Shoppy – Online shopping list


Shoppy is an online shopping list for everyone, everywhere, over the world
A user can create a list, gives it a name, bookmark it or send it to friends/family and everything will be stored in a database so that they can access it everywhere around the world on their phone, tablet or computer..


– 16 Different bootstrap styles included.

– Simple clean installation.

– Login system with email validation and password reset.

– Responsive layout.

– Web advertisment option.

– Login option with Facebook and Google.

– Admin panel.

– User ban, remove and edit function.

– Easy to customize it to your needs.

– User can upload a custom profile picture.

– You can translate the whole script with just one file.

– Possible to bookmark lists.

– Video background (Login page).

Free support included.

Free updates/upgrades included.


Shoppy - Online shopping list - 1
Shoppy - Online shopping list - 2

Use it anytime, everywhere:

Shoppy - Online shopping list - 3
Shoppy - Online shopping list - 4


The demo can be found here.

User login:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Pass: demo

Admin login:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Pass: admin


--- V 1.3.2 ---
* Fixed: Email list bug (Local email server).

* Fixed: Clear list button

* Fixed: Width of advertisement textfield.

* Fixed: Some small bugs fixes.

* Added: UTF-8 Coding.

* Added: Dutch translation file.

* Added: Meta tags option on admin panel (General settings) for search engines.

* Added: Option for sending email to custom email adres as user.

* Improved: Some HTML and PHP coding.

* Removed: Update messsage.

--- V 1.3.1 ---

* Fixed: social settings bug.
* Fixed: Some bugs.

--- V 1.3.0 ---

* Added: New re-designed login layout/system with javascipt.

* Added: New re-designed list page for PC and tablet.

* Added: Option to bookmark your lists.

* Added: New version checker (get notified on the admin page when there is a new update).

* Added: New sentences to the language file (en_EN.php).

* Fixed: MySql bug with the forgot password function.

* Fixed: A few little bugs

--- V 1.2.1 ---
* Fixed: A bug in the shopping list editor

* Fixed: Installation bugs for V 1.2+

--- V 1.2 ---
* Fixed: Some little bugs

* Improved: Securtiy script

* Added: Social login with facebook and google+

* Added: Advertisment option

--- V 1.1.1 ---
* Fixed: SQL Injection security problem

* Improved: Some coding

--- V 1.1 ---
* Fixed: Little SMTP Mail bug

* Fixed: Some little bug fixes

* Improved: Documentation

* Improved: Script coding


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