Share Locker

Share Locker


The first Facebook Share to Unlock for WordPress (as well as FB Like, Tweet, Google+ and

Share Locker is a five in one features plugin:

  1. Share to unlock
  2. Like to unlock
  3. Tweet to unlock
  4. Google+ to unlock
  5. VK like to unlock

It can be configured to use any combination of the above lockers you need.

Share Locker is a WordPress plugin that lets you hide a content on a page or a post. If a visitor wants to unlock the content, she needs to click on a social button like Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter, Google+ and
This feature is very useful to make your page and web site more social and viral and to gain a lot of authority and trust for the search engine positioning.

A new study conducted by ( reveals the top Google ranking factor: Facebook Share.

To find out this, Searchmetrics has analyzed search results from Google for 10,000 popular keywords and 300,000 websites in order to pick out the issues that correlate with a high Google ranking.

There are a lot of plugins that let you get Like, Twitter and Google+ unlocking the content of your web pages, but Share Locker is something more. It is the first and only WordPress plugin that lets you collect the top Google ranking factor: Facebook Share!

All the marketers know how important are the Social Signals, so let your site become a social signal collector machine. Share Locker lets you do this and reach the first page of Google with ease!


  • “This is by far the best social locker on the market. Facebook Share was the only thing that I needed and iJanki helped me accomplish an idea to create viral content. Thank you iJanki!” – psnboy
  • “Excellent and quick customer support. Author has fixed the issue with my theme, and the plugin is working perfect. Thank you!” – scorpio414
  • “Awesome plugin.” – Xaboom
  • “Great job man! It works for me. Good luck!” – Tiepolo
  • Many Thanks iJanki for your support. plugin has been working properly…Great Plugin  :Divink3aray

Key Features

  • Simple to install and to use
  • Step by step instructions
  • Supports Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, Google+, (for now)
  • You can use only the buttons you need
  • now with share support
  • Share Locker works with posts and pages and anywhere you can put a shortcode
  • Shows Facebook, Twitter buttons in your language
  • Works fine without configuration, but fully configurable if you need.
  • Lock any content type, text, html, images, videos, flash, ebooks, files until the visitor decides to share or like your page.
  • You can put multiple lockers even on the same page
  • Adds a button in visual editor to easily insert locker
  • Text and url to share or like is customizable for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • The box that locks the content can be selected from the templates available or can be customizate to fit the design of your web page
  • Share Locker refresh the page automatically after the visitors has shared or liked
  • The visitor that has already shared doesn’t need to repeat the task (cookie feature)
  • Lightweight! Uses asyncronous Javascript to load Facebook, Twitter and Google+ API
  • Uses only one record for configuration in wordpress database
  • Provides .pot file for full localization
  • No conflict with other social plugins
  • Support provided


1.9 Fixed insert shortcode button in wordpress 3.9
1.8 Fixed facebook-like not reloading page in some cases.
1.6 Fixed escaping bugs.
1.5 New Feature: support.
1.2 Fixed Like button on some cases.
1.1 Bugfixes

Support? Questions? Suggestions?

Please, feel free to ask me anything you need. I’ll be more than happy to help you. I’ll respond in real time (9 am to 6 pm CET). To proceed use the comments section of this plugin on codecanyon or visit this page


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