SGM – Simple Multimedia Gallery Machine

SGM – Simple Multimedia Gallery Machine


SGM 3.3 June 17th 2015

SGM - Simple Multimedia Gallery Machine - 1

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Multi Language Support (English, German, English included)

New since V3.3: Security fix for prettyPhoto

New since V3.2: re-engaged CoolIris Galleries (after CoolIris closed with the end of 2014), https-Support for videourl imports, some control panel additions and improvements, some fixes … more in the changelog below_

New since V3.1: vimeo support, youtube short urls, preview images for youtube and vimeo videos – more infos can be found in the changelog below

New since V3.0: mobile galleries, fullscreen galleries, QR-Codes for each gallery, galleries can be assigned to other ones, some small updates and fixes – more infos can be found in the changelog below

New since V2.5: brilliant ( B) ) watermark function, improved filtering and better displaying of filter information, some updates and fixes – more infos can be found in the changelog below

New since V2.11: Really small update with some fixes – more infos can be found in the changelog below

New since V2.1: Added new language Dutch – many thx to Thom Hubers (, some German language fixes, added “save as” Support for Galleriffic galleries, pagination fixes

New since V2.0: added mp4, m4v, mp3, youtube support, multiple categories for single files, galleriffic gallery, some fixes and … more in the changlog below

New since V1.01: some usefull serverinfos on SGM control panel, missing image preview file added, some fixes more in the changlog below


Simple Gallery Machine allows you to create fast and easy multimedia galleries. An user management is included so you can give your users access to these functions. The users can register themself. Users are allowed to upload a couple of files with a few steps. You can categorize them and assign them to your multimedia galleries.
The following filetypes are supported:

  • Quicktime Movies MOV
  • Quicktime Movies M4V/MP4 since 2.0
  • Flash Animations SWF
  • Flash Movies FLV
  • DiVX Movies AVI/DIVX
  • MP3 Audio MP3 since 2.0
  • YouTube Links since 2.0
  • Vimeo Links since 3.1

There are some gallery outputs implemented, but you can add new ones (just modify existing ones).
XML-Files can and will be generated dynamically too.


The max uploadsize will be calculated depending on your settings in the conf.php, the post_max_size and the upload_max_filesize – if the post_max_size or the upload_max_filesize (+1) is lower than your predefined value the size will be re-calculated


PHP5.x (should work with PHP4.x too -> not tested)
GD-Library, mod_rewrite
if mod_rewrite isn’t provided by your webserver you could use php mod_rewrite – so you could run the friendly URLs after all
for catching the youtube and vimeo preview images: curl or enabled allow_url_fopen


Multimedia Files

  • Images
    You can upload gif, jpg and png files, the will be resized automatically. The available sizes can be defined in the conf.php.
  • Watermarking images on the fly w/o modifying the sourcefiles itself, so it’s possible to turn watermarking on/off, change watermark and turn on/off for different sizes whenever you want (with position declaration) since 2.5
  • Videos
    Flash, Quicktime and DivX Movies can be uploaded with the upload tool too and will be shown in supported gallery-views.
  • Audio new since V2.0
    MP3 files can be added and are avail in a few kind of implemented galleries
  • YouTube new since V2.0
    Links to you favorite YouTube Videos can be added too
  • Vimeo new since V3.1
    Links to you favorite Vimeo Videos can be used in your galleries too
  • Preview images for YouTube and Vimeo Videos
    will be catched and stored on your server new since V3.1
    Links to you favorite YouTube Videos can be added too
  • Flash
    Flash Animations (SWF) can be uploaded and handled too
    You can mix various file types in your galleries too


Just create a new gallery and assign files to them. There are various ways to access you galleries. You can use SGM for XML-driven galleries. Sample files are included.


SGM is designed to handle different user. Each user can upload multimedia files and generate galleries.
Registration is equipped with an activation link, so new users have to activate their account.


As an admin you’re allowed to administer your users, delete/activate/dectivate them, set number of files to handle, create new ones, view informations about their used space, files and galleries.


  • Disable/Enable registration
  • Set sizes for thumbnails
  • Set default number of maximum files
  • Set extensions
  • Disable/Enable JS order
  • Disable/Enable watermarks globally and for single sizes
  • Set position and paddings (top/bottom/left/right – depending on position) for watermarks (bottomleft, bottomright, bottomcenter, center, centerleft, centerright, topleft, topright, topcenter)


SGM is multilanguage enabled. English, German, Dutch language files are included.


Admin USER: admin
PASS: pass
DefaultUser USER: user
PASS: pass

Current Version SGM 3.3 2015 June 17<up>th

Update instructions and update scripts are included

Updates V3.3 2015-06-17

  • security update: prettyPhoto XSS fix

Updates V3.2 2015-05-01

  • updated: getID3-Library to latest 1.8x Version (PHP 5.3++) mainly to change ereg* functions to preg_* equivalents inside Library
  • considered: addded ISO-8859-1 as encoding which was the previous htmlentities-default-encoding value (PHP < 5.4)
  • needed improvement: user deletion now removes all assignments and galleries from the database too
  • adapted: cooliris has stopped with the end of 2014 – with some tweeks SGM is still supporting cooliris look and feel
  • added: possibility to delete inactive users by filters
  • fixed: added https support for youtube and vimeo

Updates V3.1 2012-05-08

> -) support for youtube short urls (
> -) support for vimeo video urls
> -) catching and displaying youtube video thumbnails
> -) catching and displaying vimeo video thumbnails
> -) updated prettyPhoto gallery – including vimeo support

Updates V3.0 2011-12-13

> -) galleries can now assigned to other galleries
> -) added missing CSS-pagination parts
> -) fix for session bug-possibility to the uploadify script
> -) replaced some depreceated ereg(i)-functions
> -) cooliris fixes
> -) added supersized gallery
> -) gallery for mobile devices
> -) added QR-links to each gallery

Updates V2.5 2011-06-22

> -) added possibility to add watermarks to different sizes on the fly – the images won’t be changed
watermarking with enhanced position declaration of images (sources will not be modified, so you’re able to change the watermarks afterwards)
> -) added filtering by uploadtime
> -) improved filtering and better displaying of filter information
> -) some form fixes
> -) some language fixes

Updates V2.11 2010-07-10

> -) Some fixes
SWF-Upload-Fix for IE Browsers (removed doubleslashes on Virtualhost’s Root-Director)
fixed typo on image deletion
> -) Added infos about max images to SGM-CP

Updates V2.1 2010-04-13

> -) Nederlandse vertaling door: Thom Hubers (
Dutch translation by: Thom Hubers (
> -) Some German language fixes
> -) Added “save as”-Support for Galleriffic galleries
> -) Pagination fixes

Updates V2.0 2010-02-17

> -) Added MP4 support
> -) Added M4V support
> -) Added MP3 support
> -) Added YouTube support
> -) Added missing MOV player for iframed galleries (additional update)
> -) Pagination fix (additional update)
> -) Possibility to use multiple categories for files
> -) Some IE fixes
> -) Some CSS color fixes
> -) Added Galleriffic gallery
> -) Added CoolIris Embedded Wall sample
> -) Fixed troubles with editing category names
> -) along with it I added a samplecode for interaction with SBB users table

Updates V1.01 2009-12-22

> -) Added helpful server information to SGM CP
> -) Fixed SGM CP language mix-up
> -) Added image preview file
> -) Fixed uppercase extension bug

Updates V1.0 2009-12-19

> official release

happy gallery  :)

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