SEOLyzer – Search Engine Optimization Analyzer

SEOLyzer – Search Engine Optimization Analyzer


SEOLyzer – Easy to use Search Engine Optimization Analyzer script with keyword density analysis and Google PageRank checking!

SEOLyzer is an easy to use Search Engine Optimization Analyzer script with keyword density analysis, word phrases analysis, Google PageRank checking and many more. Buy and
upload this script and run your own SEO analysation service…

Notice – Try our new SEO script – GChecker – SOFTPAE Google position checker app – an Easy to use position checker – application with statistics, graphs, users, email reports, virtual cron, etc.

Features included in SEOLyzer:

  • Easy to install and configure (upload to server & run!, see installation below)
  • Keyword density analysis from webpage text (one, two and tree words phrases)
  • Displaying links on page
  • Displaying response informations
  • Displaying title and meta tag informations
  • Google PageRank checking
  • Tabbed interface
  • Coded in one easy to use and customizable SEOCrawler class


  • PHP5
  • curl PHP extension enabled
  • Know how to upload files to your website (eg: with FTP)
  • Some HTML/CSS knowledge to style the results page (to suit your look & feel) if you want.

Installation and Configuration:

Zero configuration – upload and run.

  1. Unzip the file from CodeCanyon
  2. Upload extracted files to your website (eg: to new /seolyzer/ folder)
  3. Open your SEOlyzer page by going to and run you analysis
  4. Done
    (replace with your actual website address above)


  = V1.2 - 10.09.2012 =
  * Added better support for Hostgator hosting
  * Fixed PageRank algo worked on 64-bit systems
  * Improved text extracting-cleaning

  = V1.1 - 07.01.2012 =
  * Sanitized input
  * Fixed errors found by users

  = V1.0 - 05.01.2012 =
  * Initial Release 

Possible updates:

  • Show more better (more complex) request information
  • Back links checking
  • Dead links checking
  • Scoring
  • etc…

I am working on:

I am working on new scripts:

  • SmallSense – Google AdWord/AdSense clone with easy implementation to my GogooooSE search
    engine script
  • XMLWebCore – awesome website construction framework


You can find demo site of SEOlyzer on is small but very very smart development company based in Slovakia. If you want any customizations, contact us at magic (at)

Others things from us:

  • GogooooSE – Superior Fulltext Search Engine Script with spelling, keywords highlighting,
    boolean search and more,
  • SuperSlide Accordion Menu v 1.0 – small, pure Javascript/CSS/HTML Accordion Menu


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