Secure File Sharer

Secure File Sharer


Secure File Sharer

Live Demo Password: pleasechangeme

V1.0.2 Updated

  • New feature: set multi passwords to one link

V1.0.1 Updated

  • Bug Fixed: delete expired files cron job bug fixed
  • New feature: upload a url as a file to redirect and view visiting log

This script helps you share files with others in secure and simple way using your own PHP host.

The idea is simple.

You are a website owner, and you want to send a file to others with your own site. What you may do?

1). You upload the file to your site using a ftp program;
2). You announce the public url(email, msn, skype, etc.) and you pray strangers not to scan the file and download it.
3). You asked all of them: Have you downloaded it? No;
4). You asked all of them: Have you downloaded it? Yes;
5). You came to your site and delete the file.

This script make the process simple:
1). You came to the script’s admin page, and upload a file from local.
the script will generate a url to you for downloading.
2). You can set the following options to the URL:
a). When the url expired?
b). How many downloads will triger the URL expired?
c). Which range of ip allowed to download?
d). You can also set a password to protect the file from unauthorized download.
d). Even, you can send you a notify email or call a web service while someone downloading.
e). In the protected admin page, You can view every files’ download history: who, when, which ip downloaded your file and the actually result
(File Expired? File Deleted? IP disallowed? Wrong password? even the user cancel download(only works for large files)).

This script is very customizable, open the config file to set the page tile, page footer, the upload file size and the data directory permitted size.


Any question about me and my scripts, please let me know. I’d like to help

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