Responsive Infinite Upgrade Box Generator

Responsive Infinite Upgrade Box Generator


Create an unlimited number of upgrade boxex with this simple css file.

The zip file contains:

  1. Php generator – allowing you to generate boxes very easily
  2. Css file, along with pie fix for internet explorer(gradients and round border etc.)
  3. Documentation
  4. Icons for available and not available
  5. html file with example

You can embed this to wordpress, joomla drupal or anyother CMS by simply including the css file and copy and paste the html basic structure presented in documentation.

27-01-2014 update:

  • users can use a color picker to select colors
  • javascript enabled – the text is updating in real time.
  • title tag added to options
  • the client can now select the color for the Highlight Color(border)
  • – css is now generated via php 100% allowing the user to copy and paste the css and integrate very easily into any blog or html page.

05-02-2014 update – a tooltip generator is included( when you mouseover options if tooltips exist it will show up)
If you need help implementing just post a comment with the problem you have to give you instructions step by step.

Update: 20-05-2014

Now you can save, load or modify a preset

Here is a preview:


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