Radio Utilities

Radio Utilities


Radio Utilities is a great tool for your WordPress website for sale on CodeCanyon. A live Demo.

With Radio Utilities you can have four main feautres ready to go on your Radio website. Radio player, Chat, Music, Smart text and others like Airtime live sync, Spreaker live.

Radio player

The player supports HTML5 and Flash, so your site will be up to date.

According to the design, you can easly modify the colors of the player and customize it very easy without know how to program.

With this plugin you can export the player for other sites. The player will keep the colors and the settings you set.

You can configure the player for update the title by itself. The title update can be taken from a Icecast source, Shoutcast1/2, Airtime site or a Centova platform. You can set how frecuently the player needs to check for new information.






Player You can include you’re player with the widget options, where the fixed player position can be set.

Share player. You can include a couple of buttons for share or listen the radio. As seen in the next screenshot. No more pixels. Demo.





The music is very important in a Radio, and thats why we create a page where you can allow your listeners to request any song from iTunes or Spotify. They’ll connect using their Facebook account and all the request will be sent to your email or Boxcar email account (this for iOS notifications).

The request page is fully compatible with mobiles and with Spotify Desktop App.




The comunication with your audience is another important thing in terms of Radio. Now you will be more close to them with the chat rooms you can create with this plugin.

The chats are mobile compatible and responsive. So no more Flash chats and rude design chats.



The text of the plugin is smart. Now you can set a dynamic text on your show’s pages. Is a little hard to explain because currently there is no smart text.


If you have a show at 4pm all days and ends at 5pm, before that time the text will show Time to show 3 hours or Show in 30 minutes. During the show Live and remain 10 minutes or simple On Air. At the end of the show We're done.

You can set your custom message for each ocation.


We have some gifts for you.


You can have your Airtime calendar on the page you want with a small shortcode. It will be synchronized.


How to use on Documentation.


With another shortcode you can inlcude Spreaker iframe and hide when the show is no live. So basicaly, the shortcode is useful when you want to show the player when you’re live, and hide it when you’re offline and show some text. If you become live, the system will alert the browser or the listener for show the player. Cool, isn’t it?


How to use on Documentation.


For support, I’m at the email [email protected] or on Support, form Codecanyon page (there are some FAQ’s).


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