Quack Chat Live Help Support System

Quack Chat Live Help Support System


Version 1.1 Now Available!

Quack Chat Live Help Support System - 1

Quack Chat is a web based live support system that allows you to chat with your customers via web or mobile. The AJAX style chat script installs easily on any supported website with an easy to use installer.

Quack Chat Live Help Support System - 2

Quack Chat lets you provide live support on the go. The mobile-friendly administration panel is perfect for large and small touch-screen devices, allowing you to chat with your customers from practically anywhere!

Receive E-mail or TXT alerts when a customer is ready to chat! Offline mode lets you take a message that will be sent straight to your E-mail address, or texted to your phone. With a simple form generator, offline mode lets you specify which information the customer sends.

Please Note This script also works with WordPress. Please see the FAQ more more information.

Chat Window Features

  • Floating Style Chat Window (optional)
    • floating style is immune to popup blockers and hovers on top of every page they navigate
  • Pop-Up Style Chat Window (optional)
    • goes behind your website if while they navigate and is sometimes blocked by browsers
  • AutoScrolling Chat Window
  • Audible Message Alerts
  • Customizable Chat Window
  • Customizable Automatic Greeting
  • Auto focus on Message Box
  • Session Memory (in case they close the Chat Window)


  • Instant Notification via Text or E-mail
  • Mobile-friendly Administration Panel (Android / iOS Web App / WebOS)
  • Chat with multiple customers at once
  • Automatic Archiving (History)
  • Mass Delete Button for History (with safety switch)
  • One-sided HTML Support (admin can send html, customer cannot)
  • Online / Offline Mode with Away Message
  • Customizable Contact Form for Offline Mode
  • “Need Help? CHAT NOW” button will show current Online/Offline status


  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Cingular
  • Nextel
  • Republic Wireless
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile USA
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile USA


  • PHP + PDO
  • PHP’s mail() function


Major Update – Version 1.1

  • Added Uninstaller
  • New Theme (Blue/white)
  • Upgraded XHTML1.0 to HTML5
  • Upgraded MySQL Connection to PDO
  • Replaced most images with CSS3 styles
  • Fixed outstanding PHP Notices, Errors and Warnings
  • Moved Config and Connection to qc_bin/globals.php
  • Moved qc_status.php to qc_bin/btn_chat.php
  • Updated Admin Session Controller
  • Updated Control Panel
  • Updated Chat Dynamics
  • Updated File Structure
  • Updated Chat Control Files
  • Updated CSS Files
  • Updated JS Objects
  • Updated Floating Window Object
  • Updated Wireless Carriers
  • Updated Installer
  • Updated Integration Examples
  • New favicon
  • New Chat Button
  • New Chat Window
  • New .PSD files

v1.0.3 Sept. 4th Release

  • Readjusted Blackberry Viewport
  • Fixed SQL Injection Vulnerability
  • Fixed XSS Attack Vulnerability
  • Fixed Path Disclosure Vulnerability

v1.0.3 CHANGES

  • Fixed the session memory issue
  • Fixed admin panel’s (undisclosed) security issue
  • Adjusted resolution for iphone and blackberry
  • Restyled user interface (new GFX and colors)

    • Chat window is larger
    • Chat window is scrollable when mouse is hovered
    • Chat window has colored matching scrollbar


    • Moved Online/offline button to top of every page
    • Chat sessions appear on every page
    • Chat history has been re-arranged
  • Styling has been reallocated to allow v1.0.4 to accept skins
  • Updated iOS icon

v1.0.2 CHANGES

  • Floating chat window for in-site chat (user can still browse site, chat always hovers)
  • Chat window remembers your session if you accidentally close the window
  • Offline Notification Settings (sends notification elsewhere when offline)
  • Offline messaging option for collecting name, email, phone, and reason to contact.
  • Updated audible notification system for smoother sounds
  • HTML5 sound player for devices without Flash
  • Special audio activation toggle for iOS devices (because apple has to be different)
  • More intuitive configuration file (for easy updating)
  • Upgrade function inside of install file (for easy upgrading)
  • Different alert sound for admin (less annooying)
  • Even larger fonts for admin panel
  • More visible colors for history tab
  • Larger touch area for history list
  • Paging system for history
  • History date glitch fixed when showing “Yesterday Ago”
  • Numbered conversations and history pages
  • Previous and Next buttons while viewing an archived conversation
  • Mass Delete Button for History (with safety switch)
  • Better looking “Need Help? CHAT NOW” button will show current online/offline status
  • Admin logout function that automatically goes offline

v1.0.1 CHANGES

  • Sounds Glitch Fixed
  • Line-break Glitch Fixed
  • Notification Method Updated (sms headers)
  • Blank Messages Glitch Fixed
  • HTML Messages from customer not allowed
  • (Admin) Fonts Larger
  • (Admin) Cleaner History Tab
  • (Admin) Cleaner Settings Tab


  • Installations are limited to 1 per database. Use multiple databases if you need another.
  • Be sure to try the online demo with your mobile device before purchase.
  • Do not offer mobile support while driving.


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