Products for Perfex CRM

Products for Perfex CRM


Note: This is a module
for Perfex CRM. Not a standalone script. Perfex CRM that can be purchased here

Brief description

This module allows you to sell products in perfex using stripe subscriptions or recurring invoices.

Non registered users will be able to purchase/subscribe to product and register

purchase product non registered

Customers will be able to order to a product using any available payment gateway with invoices
Customer will be able to order recurring or one time products using invoices

Customers will be able to subscribe to a product using stripe subscription.
Customer will be able to order a subscription without staff manually creating a subscription
from the admin dashboard.

subscriptionproduct non
Admin/staff will be able to create products for subscription or invoices
Admin/staff will be able to add product for a specific customer only (visible to only that customer)
Admin/staff will be able to add product for a group of customers only (visible to only customer that belongs to that group only)
Products for Perfex CRM - 1
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The module also comes with subscription renewal notification emails.
The email comes with a template and option to chose when you want to send renewal notification by email.
Eg. 7 days before renewal, 1 day, 30 days, 60days etc. which is not in perfex crm

Products for Perfex CRM - 2

Single product page

Products for Perfex CRM - 3


Requires at least Perfex CRM V2.4.2
Stripe Account to use subscription.
You will do not need any coding skills to set this module up. You will be able to configure it in a
clicks (we do provide documentation for that). we are available to assistance regarding set-up, upon


If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket at our
support area.
Guys from the support department will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.



Minor bug fix


Added Order history
Added feature to collect information from customer during order/subsribing
General UI Improvements
Translation conflict fix
minor bug fixes


minor fixes for subscription long description 
added support for other date format in perfex
added support for my_prefixed views


improved translation
minor fixes
fixed more info button redirect


added multiple tax support
fix duplicate menu
fix invoice products not deleting


added single and recurring invoices support
added product groups
added product links
added single product page
added option to disable quantity input
added option to enable/disable invoice products
added option to enable/disable subscription products
added option to enabele/disable
added support for tax
improved support for not registered users


added email template for subscription renewal notice
added subscription renewal notification email
added tracking of subscription renewal email
added Public url for non registered customers

1.0.0 a

feat: allow html tags in description


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