Product Retailers Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

Product Retailers Woocommerce WordPress Plugin


If you are looking for the solution to add multiple sales channels, retailers, distributors on a woocommerce store. By default, woocommerce doesn’t allow to do so. To overcome this limitation, we have developed a plugin to extend sale options. Product Retailers plugin allows you to link to the same product on a retailer or distributor’s website. Customers can then purchase the item directly at your store, or they can visit the retailer or distributor’s website to purchase. This plugin is perfect for products e.g. you wanted to sell through sales channels, such as a book available directly on-site, through Amazon, eBay or any other site.


  • Support Simple / Variable Product
  • Retailer Logo / Location Option
  • Multiple Retailer Per Product
  • Multiple Sales Channel
  • Customizable Buy Button
  • Purchase from Retailers
  • Multiple Display Styles
  • Unlimited Retailers
  • User-Friendly

Change Log:

v2.0 – 2 Feb 2015

  • About Retailer Page added
  • Review About Retailer added
  • Custom Css Support added
  • Option to enable/disable reviews
  • Option to enable/disable location
  • Option to enable/disable price
  • Option to enable/disable buying options
  • Option to enable/disable Buy Now button
  • Option to enable/disable name
  • Shortcode Support

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