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Pro Writer streamlines the process of creating content inside of WordPress with simple intuitive tools for editing blog posts. You no longer need to access the WordPress back-end to edit copy. Now you can type directly on the screen, adding images and styling text.

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Our plugin adds a ‘Edit Page Content’ button to the admin bar. Now you can edit your post by clicking directly on the screen. Any text that you select will bring up a context sensitive menu, allowing you to create headlines, style type, add images and embed media, such as YouTube videos, Google Maps, Mail Chimp Forms, etc.

When you are finished making edits, click ‘Save Page Content’ and your page, post or draft will be saved automatically.

The options in the context sensitive menu include

  • H1 – Make the selected text into an H1 tag
  • H2 – Make the selected text into an H2 tag
  • Bold – Bold the selected text
  • Italic – Italicize the selected text
  • Image – Upload any image or choose an image from the WordPress media gallery
  • Embed – Add video, maps or other embeds provided by third-party developers
  • Link – Add a hyperlinnk
  • Clear – Clear styles

Screen Pro is designed for people who write. If you are looking for a way to streamline your editing workflow, our plugin provides intuitive tools for editing and styling posts in real-time.

Looking for something similar for theme editing? With Screen Pro we offer similar ‘On-Screen’ editing in the form of an online app for customizing WordPress themes. Screen Pro is available for use with Mac and PC. See how easy it is to customize professional templates here:

Pro Writer is easy to use. Here are some simple instructions to help you get started.
How to Use Pro Writer

Note: Pro Writer is designed to edit copy entered into the main text editor available when creating pages and posts. Currently. it does not support short codes or custom fields. Please download the trial to make sure it works with your installation before purchasing.


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