Ppdf – Document Hosting Script

Ppdf – Document Hosting Script


Ppdf – Document Hosting Script
A fast and secure document hosting with viewer.

Admin Panel: http://dev.condize.com/ppdf/admin/


User : admin

Password : admin

The demo does not send emails, for spamming reason.


  • User
    • Change Name, Email, Password
    • Make files private
    • See total downloads
    • Rename his uploads
    • Delete user’s uploads
    • See disk space used
    • View his private files without entering the password
  • Admin
    • Delete users
    • Delete Files
    • See Visitors
    • See hidden uploads data ex: uploader’s IP
    • Make user admin
    • Edit website settings
    • A face emotions changed based on number of visitors
  • Index
    • Simple Theme with lot of animations
    • Validate file name and type
    • Smart contact form grabbing user’s details automatic
    • Knows who is upload
    • Renamed uploaded and downloaded files
    • Hotlink protection to return to the download page


(V2) New Design, Improved Code, New animations, Improved Admin and User Panel ( Under Creation, WILL BE PROVIDED AS FREE UPDATE)

(V1.2) Fixed 500 internal error on some servers (Updated on 21/06/2014)

(V1.12) Fixed Files upload with no name and some titles (Updated on 01/05/2014)

(V1.11) Ajax and Progress Bar upload (Updated on 26/04/2014)

fixed some links error (Updated on 25/04/2014)


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