Plus Thumbnail Post Widget – Premium Plugin

Plus Thumbnail Post Widget – Premium Plugin


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Great plugin – fantastic support! 5*’s – martinandrewmcgarry

Thanks for the superfast support. It works great! – XLenCe

Thanks for the support via email, a reliable seller. I support the installation on my site …. – caicedo200031


  • Display:
    How you love to see your latest post, there are 5 different types (the most used)
  • Show:
    Indicates the types of post you want to use between them are the options: Most Popular (most commented), Last Post, The most viewed and Rand
  • Interval:
    Indicates the news while you watch, there are more options used by large blog: Last 24 Hours, Last 48 Hours, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year.
  • Categories:
    You can filter by category, separated by commas, one or more (if you put ‘0 ‘show all)
  • Max. Post to Show:
    Enter the number you want to show post
  • Show Comments:
    Indicates whether to display the number of comments at the top Photography
  • Image Size:
    Set the height you want the image, according to the height that fits the width set as incredible as this plugin that adapts designs templates also for adaptive and responsive design
  • Styling:
    Customize text colors as titles, also can do that only display the title and also to display an extract of the content. is very versatile in this case
  • Statistics:
    Sample statistics of more comments and views of the ranges of dates: Last 24 hours, last 48 hours, last week, last month and last year.
  • Show number of visits (shortcode):
    Now you can add to your template the shortcode [plus_views] to show the number of visits
  • Post Sticky:
    You can enable or not to display the ‘Sticky Post’ in the widget.
  • Effects:
    You can choose between 2 image effects (Opacity, morph) were added to your tastes.

WP-Admin Panel

Plus Thumbnail Post Widget - Premium Plugin - 3
Plus Thumbnail Post Widget - Premium Plugin - 4

Fits responsive design templates

Plus Thumbnail Post Widget - Premium Plugin - 5

How to install

-Go to the administration of WordPress
-Options -> Plugin -> Add new
-Select the file and upload it, ready to use this nice plugin


2014, May, 15- v2.1
-Correction css opacity
2014, January, 10- v2.0
-Validation for the 'image featured' if the post has no image in the content
-The library 'timthumb' is eliminated because the consumer was consuming much PC, additional native forms WordPress for added image (they are faster).
-2 image effects (Opacity, morph) were added to your tastes
-Minimum code Corrections
2013, Dec, 19- v1.9.3
-*The new option to ignore or not the sticky posts are added
2013, Oct, 20- v1.9.2
-*Correction in Javascript functions
2013, Aug, 11- v1.9.1
-Fix style.css for images
-Changes in the widget minimum
2013, Jul, 17- v1.9
-Jquery Error Correction paralyzing all the widget
-Correction in double and triple column
-Displays default last visit
-Clean source code
2013, Jun, 08- v1.4
-Fixed counter, supports the WP-Super Cache plugin
2013, Jun, 07- v1.3
-Fixed the class codes that can be displayed only the code you need
-Added the option 'most viewed'
-Added 'shortcode' to count visits
-Added link management 'Wp-admin'
-Added Site Statistics on the part of the administration
2013, Jun, 05- v1.2 
-Fixed 2-column model
2013, May, 31- v1.1
-Fixed height of the image relative
2013, May, 24- v1.0

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