PHP Project Management System

PHP Project Management System



Project Management System is a powerful php tool which can help you to manage your projects in your server and create multiple companies inside one installation and grant access to different companies to different users. Also you can give specific access to projects to specific users so they can only see the projects they have access for. Php project management system is able to provide you full project updates what’s going on in the project, project plan, add new to do lists, and add tasks inside todo lists assign tasks to specific users, discuss tasks and include members in email for discussion on task, Project files are also available you can add project files and then discuss files also include members to receive email on dicussion on files, when task is complete click the Active button and the task status will become done.

How it works?

Admin users have right to create companies, and every user can register themself as a subscriber but they will not have access to any company or project unless admin add them to any. Admin also can create users from user management page and add new users if admin make them subscriber then admin is able to grant them access to company. The subscribers who have access to a specific company can see all projects of that company and handle everything in projects like add new project, assign project members, add project plan etc.

Project Members During project creation user can add multimple email addresses to add project members system will check if those emails are already in database users system will add them in project else system will send them activated account information with username and password so they can login and check the project they are member of. Admin and the company access holder subscriber can add as many members as they want anytime also they can delete access.

Project Plan:This is where company access holder or admin can write the project plan and the procedure they want to take project.

Project Updates: This section will give you all updates of project whatever is happening in project from creation to completion of any task or whole project with the name of member who did the activity.

Todo lists: This section where you can create todo lists, then by going to specific todo list you can add multiple tasks to that todo list, every task have its end date, and description, once you open a task you can see the link to complete the task also a discussion section where you can include members to send email on discussion post.

Project Files: Project files, their description date, and file can be uploaded when you open up a file page you can see download link there also discussion on file during discussion message send you can include project members to send them email for the discussion message.

Project Notes: Users of system who have access to projects can add notes about projects and view them by everyone.

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Note: Company access holder, and system admins do not become project members automatically to not irritate them by emails of every project so they can add themself or the project creator can add them anytime as a project member so they can stay upto date about project by adding their email address from add new member section.

PHP Message Center

PHP Message center is powerful message center so users can communicate with each other. Message center helps admins to send message to any user on other hand users can send message to only other users they know email or username of. PHP message center support sent items, inbox, new message, reply in same thread and other main features.

Notes Section

Users can save their notes and every user have indvidual notes they can only access to their notes, and no one else able to see the notes. There users can save their agenda or their plans or other helpful inforamtion about projects or anything.

My Logins

My logins have ability where users can save their login details for different projects like they can save url, username, password, and on other info they can save more details like FTP, wordpress, seo sites logins for that url etc. Every user can access their my login from User setting menu no one else will able to see their login details except them.


You can visit demo here.

Admin Demo user
user: [email protected]
password: 4798

User With company Access..
Username: [email protected]
Password: 4798

User with access to only project.
Username: [email protected]
Password: 4798

Support 24/7

Please contact me from envato contact form Contact me I can provide you free help to make this script working and installation issues if you face any. Reply time is 12 hours.

New Features

Depends on its success i will be adding many more features into this project management system. I also appriciate your recomendations and suggestions to make it more better. Future updates would be completely free for buyers.

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* Added project notes module.
* Initial Release


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