PHP Pagination Class

PHP Pagination Class


The PHP Pagination Class is a pagination class that’s super modular. It can be implemented with any PHP supported database engine, it’s very easy to customize and implement, supports two displays by default, has multicolor design schemes, and more. The PHP Pagination Class implements with any setup with ease and blends well anywhere and everywhere in your site.

The HTML-strict template the class is coupled with provides direct customization of the pagination designs with provided variables for even more customization if desired.


  • Two pagination displays, standard page display, and arrow-only display (demo shows the standard page display)
  • 5 easily interchangeable color schemes to choose from
  • Custom light-footprint template system with strict HTML-only templates for super easy modification
  • Quick ‘Jump to Page’ menu (disabled by default)
  • Works with any PHP supported database engine
  • Supports any desired URN Scheme (i.e works with any URL including URL rewrites)
  • Any desired results per page
  • Pagination hid for only one page of results
  • Well documented PDF manual

Note that rounded corners and text shadows may not be available in older browsers if they do not support CSS3 properties.

What’s New?

The PHP Pagination class has been completely revamped and rewritten. It’s now more efficient, easier to customize, and easier to use. Due to the minimal use of the ‘jump-to’ feature, and that most remove it on install, it has been removed by default, but can be easily enabled if need-be. The dated design has finally been trashed, and replaced with a new fresh design, which comes in 5 easily interchangeable color schemes. The previous version had a cluttered setup, where PHP code and HTML code resided together. This has been trashed as well and replaced with a built-in super lightweight template engine, which results with HTML only templates (not a line of PHP with the HTML), and awesome custom variables designed for super easy customization. The language pack system added clutter, after all, there were only two words. Therefore, the language pack system was completely removed, and instead, the words are directly in the HTML code. With the new templates system, changing a couple of words is easier than it was before with the language system in place. Lastly, the pagination comes with two displays, a page display (i.e, ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )….(100)) and an arrow only display, for those who favor only previous and next buttons.

The goal for this update was not only to revamp the script and make it better (a whole lot better), but to make it a few minute install rather than what it used to be for most. I’m confident this was achieved.  :)

Oh, and a detailed example file is now included with the package, no need to email me for it anymore, and the documentation has been improved to eliminate past confusion.



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