PHP General Ledger Accounting

PHP General Ledger Accounting


General ledger is a system which helps you to manage your company or business also personal accounts. You can create accounts and enter the transactions related to those accounts. PHP general ledger system will help you to maintain your accounts online so you can have access to your accounts anywhere you go. System have all useful reports and very easy to print the reports as well.

PHP General Ledger is a accounting system to manage accounts online and take your accounts with you anywhere you go. PHP General Ledger is a very simple accounting software which support double entry book keeping.

Main General Ledger Features

Create companies as much as you need.

Give company access to different users. Only admins can delete companies, accounts, vouchers and access.

Create accounts for specific company as many as you need.

Enter general vouchers double entry vouchers for multiple accounts in a single voucher.

Generate Ledger summary report, Vouchers summary report, General ledger for specific account, trial balance.

Regular users only can add new vouchers and accounts to companies they have access.


You can see demo of system here.

Admin access
user: [email protected] password: 4798

Accountant Access
user: [email protected] password: 4798

Support and new features

Please comment or send email for any type of question or support your answer would be replied within 12 hours.

For new feature request or suggestion i would really appriciate your suggestions and if they seems useful for other users i will implement them as well.

Submit your ticket anytime : with questions, requests or suggestions.

* Initial Release


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