PHP Gallery cfGallery

PHP Gallery cfGallery


Written in PHP, cfGallery is a simple yet powerfull gallery application.

It allows anyone to dispose of a handy gallery system, with user access management and a simple gallery viewer.

cfGallery is delivered with an external API, for a better integration in your PHP projets.

Main features

  • Users management
  • Public and private galleries
  • Simple installation process
  • External API

Galleries management

  • Public galleries
  • Private galleries (require an user authentication)
  • Each gallery has an user management panel
  • Manage picture download rights for each user
  • Picture sorting by drag and drop
  • Multiple selection, mass deletion
  • Key picture
  • Exif information
  • PHP Gallery viewer

Users management

  • Simple login & password authentication
  • Add/Delete Users
  • activate/desactivate users
  • Each user has an access panel to galleries


  • Galleries and Pictures are accessible from anywhere in your web application
  • Simple
  • Well documented


  • PHP 5.3
  • PDO Extensions
  • GD library
  • Mcrypt library
  • FileInfo library

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