PHP Automatic SMS Scheduler

PHP Automatic SMS Scheduler


PHP SMS Scheduler – Send text messages on a scheduled date/time to your customers mobile phones

  • SMS Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for any business!
  • Schedule SMS to be sent at any given date & time combo. Even after one year or more! Automatically, setup once and forget!
  • Bulk SMS feature to send mass sms instantly to a list of numbers.
  • Offers, greetings, appointments, news are just a few of the unlimited options.
  • PHP SMS Scheduler will help you entertain and retain your customers with this easy to use platform!

sms power

imagination image Imagine having a tool which will remind your customers about an appointment, payday, pickup time, etc.
That’s indeed possible now with PHP SMS Scheduler!

Here are some example use case scenarios

Promotional Offers
Attract people towards your business by sending them unbeatable offers.
That could be liquidations, last minute deals and so on. Keep your customers up-to-date.
SMS unbeatable offer
Due Appointment
You could setup a text message so your customers will receive when their appointment is due.
You can enter any message you would like to and set it on any future date!
SMS Appointment Due
Your own?
And the options are virtually unlimited!
Easily find a way to use this tool for your business.
Anything works since you are free to type anything in the message customers will be receiving!
sms scheduler fits any business

Bulk SMS Feature

bulk sms crowd Apart from scheduling SMS, you might want to send Bulk SMS to your list of contacts right away!

SMS Gateways integrated

We have implemented 3 different SMS Gateways to allow you to be picky!
Choose from Twillio, Clickatell & ExpertTexting

sms scheduler gateways

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Regular Apache/Nginx, PHP 5.X & Mysql 4/5.
Signing up with one of the three Gateways (a must)
No fancy extensions or modules.

Updates Log

v1.4 - Oct 2019
- backwards compatibility with mysql_ functions 
- you can now use it with php7+ as well
v1.3 - Jan 2019
- updated clickatell api to their latest one
- simply copy & replace functions.php to update if you're using this gateway
v1.2.1 - Aug 2018
- fixed issue with appending a "0" in front of number when sending mass sms
- simply copy & replace mass-sms.php to update if you're using this feature 
v1.2 - July 2018
- updated clickatell api to their new platform http api
- simply copy & replace functions.php to update if you're using clickatell 


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