PHP Advanced String Class

PHP Advanced String Class


This is a nice-ordered class (tools) that will help you to do A LOT of things more easy (validating, working with dates, detecting spam, and so..)
The documentation is very complete, there I explain how each function works and each one has a example perfectly Syntax-Highlighted. Plus, have some examples in /examples/ folder.

Here is what you can do with this class:

  1. Validate numeric values (strict and non-strict)
  2. Validate only-letters
  3. Check if a string contains X thing (word, phrase, letter..)
  4. Check if a string is utf-8
  5. Get Biggest or Smaller value in an array
  6. Check if a number is between other two
  7. Validate Email
  8. Validate Telephone
  9. Validate Zip Code
  10. Validate Hexadecimal
  11. Validate IPv4
  12. Validate FileSize
  13. Validate Card Number (credit/debit)
  14. Get company card by number (VISA, MasterCard,…)
  15. Validate name, date, regexp
  16. Get number of coincidences of a RegExp
  17. Get RegExp values in two different ordered ways
  18. Parse number (Example: 10000 will return 10,000)
  19. Get how many times a word appears in a string
  20. Convert to Upper/Down a string
  21. Replace an array of words in a string
  22. Parse UNIX date
  23. Clean SQL or HTML, allowing to declare exceptions to not be cleaned
  24. Get seconds of difference between two dates
  25. Add seconds to a date
  26. Extend a date (Get years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds) in a string or array
  27. Comes with a list of blocked words (for preventing spam). You can temporaly or permanently add more words
  28. You can replace blocked words with what you want
  29. You can count or get blocked words found in a string

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