oVoGallery – WordPress Dynamic Post Gallery

oVoGallery – WordPress Dynamic Post Gallery


All demos are a try before you buy option now. Just contact me through Envato or directly at [email protected] to request demo plugin files.

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Important – This plugin uses the jquery Isotope 1.5 version for its masonry layout since the new 2.0 methods are not working as they should. If you have a theme or plugin that is calling the new Isotope 2.0 script then the oVoGallery plugin will not work. Please check if any plugin/theme file is using the Isotope 2.0 script prior to purchasing this plugin. If you need help determining this please send me a message and I will check for you. Visual Composer uses the Isotope 2.0 script.

There is no pagination for static homepages so if you wish to use the gallery on a static homepage you will have to set the gallery to load all posts at once. There is no ajax scroll load feature on a static homepage. All other pages use wordpress pagination so the ajax scroll load feature will work.


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Refolio Demo

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oVoGallery – A WordPress Dynamic Post Gallery Plugin

Update: Now with Tag filtering!

  • WordPress Dynamic Post Gallery
  • Works With All Post Types
  • Shortcode Enabled – Add shortocde to any page to add a gallery.
  • Post Filtering – Use buttons to filter posts by categories
  • InfiniteScroll Loading of Posts – When the bottom of the container is reached more posts will be fetched via Ajax.
  • Endless Parameters – Fully Customizable.
  • Voting and Comment Displays – WP-Voting enabled with front panel voting and comments icons and counts.
  • Dynamic Sizing – Set three sizing options for the user to change gallery item sizing dynamically.
  • Video Embedding – Custom html content and video embedding enabled on summary(back) panel above the exceprt text. Embed Vimeo videos.
  • Lightboxed Slideout Gallery – All images added to the post are show as a slideout lightboxed image gallery on the summary panel.
  • Customizable widths – Set gallery item widths.
  • Responsive Masonry Layout – Isotope masonry layout with responsive relayouts.
  • Options – Set title lengths, post category name, post order, icon size, posts per page, max number of pages and more.
  • CSS Transitions Effects – Summary Panel Effects.
  • Browser Compatibility – All major browsers supported(No Video Embed for IE, known stying issue).
  • Videos and shortcode examples and parameter option doc built into the plugin settings file.
  • “With over 40 shortcode parameters this is one of the most powerful gallery plugins to date” (says me ;)).
  • Same great support

Adding A Post With A Featured Video(custom html)- Video:

Dynamic Sizing Video Demo:


Not compatible with the Unite Theme


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