Online Booking system – NodAPS

Online Booking system – NodAPS


NodAPS is a multilingual and multi-provider “Appointment Management System” or “Time Booking System”, helps you to manage your appointments with your customers.

NodAPS helps you to mange your appointments more easier, because it’s an online application with a good functionality and practical.

NodAPS main features

NodAPS important features

NodAPS online preview information

Admin Demo

Other NodAPS features

  • Use the booking form on other websites
  • Customizable weekly schedule for each service
  • Disable holidays from work program
  • Add unlimited languages to the system
  • Edit all translated texts
  • Send notifications to admin and customers
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones
  • Add custom fields for application form
  • Easy to manage appointments
  • Edit time and date with drag & drop on calender
  • Highlight appointments with four colors
  • Appointment’s statistics
  • Archive for successful appointments
  • Search in appointments
  • Make unlimited account with admin, assistant and staff permission

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NodAPS last change logs

February 10, 2018


  • Providers and services display translations problem have been fixed.
  • Provider management links have been fixed. 

March 20, 2017

New features

  • Return password(forget) feature
  • Image upload for users
  • Image upload for provider pages
  • Add a text description(quick info) and text editor description(called full description)
  • New style for provider’s pages with image
  • New style for provider’s list with image
  • An option to disable extra footer
  • An option to add your social media links
    • NOTE! If this option would be apposite, I’l’ll make it for providers.
  • Add all CodeIgniter translates to system
  • Add a title filed for the languages
    • If you want see your second or third language name of your language, it will help you.
    • For example: You want to add German with a nic name such as “Deutsch” in top bar.
  • Uploaded images manager
    • Upload images
    • Get the images URL
    • Remove images
  • Change the add-on structure to easier make extra features
  • Add a feature to automatically update your database of each update (Don’t need to update your database with import file or run a query)
  • Configuration help step by step


  • Upgraded CodeIgniter core
  • Changed the frontend style
  • Merged two translation file in one file
  • New style for login page


  • Search providers
  • Translations
  • Auto email variables

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